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Shaoxing Lidong custom of brewing yellow rice wine

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today is the beginning of winter in 2017. Since then, the temperature will go down all the way, and the real winter has come. In Shaoxing, China, the brewing of yellow rice wine begins on the day of the beginning of winter. The reason is that the low temperature after the beginning of winter can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, which is most suitable for brewing. Let Lao Huangli introduce this custom to you.


Shaoxing yellow rice wine has always been well-known. Its unique quality benefits from the local unique natural and geographical environment and Jianhu water, as well as the exquisite brewing technology gradually formed over the past thousand years: making wine and medicine in August, making music in September, making drenching rice in October and making stall rice in November (feeding and fermentation). The beginning of winter every year is the traditional day of Shaoxing yellow rice wine brewing.


it is reported that Shaoxing yellow rice wine is particular about the day when it is brewed at the beginning of winter. Because after the beginning of winter, the sediment in Jianhu Lake sinks, the water body is clear and the temperature is low, which can not only effectively inhibit the reproduction of miscellaneous bacteria and ensure the smooth fermentation, but also make the wine form a good flavor in the process of low-temperature and long-term fermentation.


because only this period of time is most suitable for brewing yellow rice wine in a whole year from the beginning of winter to the beginning of spring next year, they are called "winter brewing" (usually 120 days).


according to the Convention, local wine enterprises in Shaoxing will hold a ceremony to worship the God of wine on the day of the beginning of winter to pray for a good year's weather and brew mellow old wine. After the brewing ceremony, a grand brewing worship ceremony will generally be held. According to the "old rules", the apprentice bows and offers tea; The master drinks tea and gives back long shirts and rake heads. "Master and apprentice" is a way for Shaoxing yellow rice wine brewing technology to be inherited for thousands of years. Up to now, it is still a very important technology inheritance system that has been used in major wineries.

nowadays, yellow rice wine has become the historical card of Shaoxing. According to the preliminary estimation of Shaoxing Economic and Trade Commission, the annual sales of Shaoxing yellow rice wine exceeds 4 billion yuan, accounting for more than 50% of the national yellow rice wine market share. Shaoxing yellow rice wine has been exported to Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and the export volume accounts for 80% of the national yellow rice wine. Shaoxing rice wine brewing technology was also included in the national intangible cultural heritage in 2006.

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