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The custom of enjoying red maple in the beginning of winter in Jiangnan

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after the beginning of winter, the weather is getting colder and everything is hidden. Many people who are afraid of the cold immediately start the winter mode. They don't like to go out in their spare time. However, for the old people in the south of the Yangtze River, the beginning of winter is still the early winter. It is not necessary to stay at home and "warm when cold". Instead, they actively participate in those elegant festival activities. One of them is to enjoy the red maple in the beginning of winter. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce this beginning of winter custom in the south of the Yangtze River.


maple leaves are red after frost. The red maple in late autumn and early winter attracted people's love in the old days. Qixia mountain in Nanjing is now a famous Maple appreciation resort in the southeast. Wang Youliang of the Qing Dynasty wrote a poem to record people's love for red leaves at that time. The sixth sentence of the poem reads "maple leaves burn into the clouds in autumn", which shows the momentum of red leaves all over the mountain. In the preface of his poem, he said, "in autumn, people often see red leaves here." it can be seen that the people of Jinling in the Qing Dynasty had the habit of visiting and photographing red leaves.

in addition to Qixia, Tianping mountain in Suzhou is also famous for red maple. It is said that the red maple in Tianping mountain was planted by the descendants of Fan Zhongyan, the famous Minister of the Song Dynasty. There are still nearly 200 ancient maples. "Qing Jialu" records: "the flat mountain in the west of the county is the best place for the maple forest of all mountains. The frosty leaves are red and the color is bright. When the sunset is on the mountain, it looks like coral burning the sea."

when people climbed the top of Tianping mountain and looked up through the glow, they saw red trees rolling between the mountains, like red coral tossing on the sea. Beautiful scenery, red leaves love. Li repent Lu's "watching maple leaves in Tianping mountain" said: "the four mountains are all pine, pine, fir and elm. There are only many maple trees here. When frost comes, the leaves are red. The weather is slightly warm, and the trees are not covered with frost. The red leaves are mixed, and the color is bright, beautiful and lovely."

in the cold early winter season, the imitation of Buddha by red maple symbolizes exuberant vitality and unyielding spirit, which has attracted the love of scholars of all ages. In the Qing Dynasty, a monk once wrote a poem: "straw sandals break through the ends of the world, and a shoulder is crossed to home. It doesn't mean that the frost red maple leaves are as beautiful as flowers in the cold place of the stone spring." the famous poet Zhao Yi also wrote: "looking for the woodcutter, the path is tiptoe, the mountain is dark, and the sunset is oblique. A tree of red maple is full of leaves, and there is no doubt that it is full of flowers." the two poems


pave the way far and deep, With the metaphor of maple red like flowers, it has a Zen meaning similar to "laughing and smelling plum blossoms when returning, and spring is already very on the branches". It can be seen that the Enlightenment Given by red maple to scholars at that time lies not only in the aesthetics of color, but also in the encouragement of spirit.

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