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What three or nine days of exercise can't do

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three or nine days is the coldest period of the year in China. At this time, it is cold in the north and bitter in the south. Many people generally don't go out easily because they are afraid of the cold. However, some people who pay attention to health still insist on daily exercise in such a cold period. Health experts point out that although it is good to keep exercising for three or nine days, we should also pay attention to some taboos. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you what you can't do for three or nine days.


there is no suitable reason for preparatory activities: the temperature is low in winter, some people, especially the elderly, the blood circulation at the ends of their limbs slows down, and the elasticity, extension and joint extension of ligaments are low. If preparatory activities are not done, it is easy to cause injury accidents during exercise.


should not breathe against the wind. Reasons: the climate is cold in winter. During exercise, the human body inhales a large amount of cold air, which will cause adverse stimulation to breathing, digestion and other organs, and will induce and aggravate diseases of breathing, digestion and other organs.


should not be too fierce. Reason: the climate is cold and the movement is fierce during exercise, which is easy to cause disease symptoms such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, spinal hyperosteogeny and so on.


it's not suitable to eat hot food after practice. Reason: the climate is cold in winter. After exercise, eating hot food immediately is prone to hematemesis, hematochezia and other diseases.

wearing masks for exercise is not suitable. Reason: some people, especially the elderly, wear masks for exercise because they are afraid of cold and cold, and even wear masks for long-distance running, which is very unscientific. This is because the mask blocks the nose, which is not conducive to the need for increased ventilation during exercise, hinders the smooth progress of breathing, affects the inhalation of oxygen, and makes people feel uncomfortable such as suffocation, chest tightness and rapid heartbeat.

sick people should not engage in physical exercise for three or nine days, which is quite beneficial to improve health. However, if you do not pay attention to sports hygiene, it will cause damage to the human body. Therefore, we must pay attention to sports hygiene in winter sports. It is cold in winter, especially in March and September. Do not engage in strenuous exercise when you have a cold or fever. Otherwise, it will aggravate the condition and even induce myocardial infarction or myocarditis.


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