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How much do you know about the precautions of thirty-nine day exercise

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is in the middle of winter, which is the season for all things to rest. However, according to the suggestions of health experts, people should properly carry out correct physical exercise according to their actual situation in this cold season, so as to promote the circulation of Qi and blood, stretch muscles and bones and improve their immunity. Then let the old yellow calendar sort out the precautions for three or nine days of sports for you. We must have a look before physical exercise.


cold proof and warm keeping for 39 days. Pay attention to cold proof and warm keeping both indoors and outdoors. You can drink less brown sugar water or hot tea when exercising on an empty stomach in the morning. This can not only warm the spleen and stomach and promote blood circulation, but also supplement the loss of heat quickly dissipated by the body during strenuous activities.


exercise venues with fresh air for three or nine days should pay attention to choosing places with fresh air, circulation, shelter from the wind and sunny. The places with noisy environment, dirty air and extremely low temperature are not suitable for sports. How to master the amount of


exercise in winter depends on the athlete's age, gender, physical condition and training level. In the weather of March 9th, the amount of outdoor exercise should not be too large, and the phenomenon of sweating should not appear. If it occurs, adjust the amount of exercise in time, wipe off the sweat immediately during the rest and change into dry clothes. The degree of


is gradual. It is cold every day. Pay attention to prevent falling and shaking skin, bones, muscles and organs. No matter what exercise you do, you should first make full preparations so that the muscles, blood vessels, joints and ligaments of the whole body can adapt to the large amount of exercise, and then gradually increase the amount of exercise.


physical quality in winter, we should pay special attention to improving various physical qualities and paying attention to the training of various basic skills. The training with clear purpose and strictly according to the plan not only has better results than blind exercise, but also can effectively prevent unintentional trauma. Personal conditions of


are cold in winter and short days. Exercise can flexibly master the exercise time and amount. The general intensity of night exercise should not be too high. If the body is too tired, the nerves are too excited, and you can't sleep well at rest, it will affect your work and study the next day.


clothes should be worn. The number of clothes worn by athletes for three or nine days should be determined according to the degree of cold weather, personal cold resistance and the amount of exercise they choose to practice. Generally, it is better to choose warm, light and soft clothes and trousers. Fat and thin should be appropriate, not too thick and tight. It should be conducive to the relaxation and comfort of the muscles of the whole body and ensure the unobstructed respiratory tract. Athletes should also pay attention to wearing warm, soft soles, good elasticity and light shoes.

don't practice for three or nine days when you are sick. Physical exercise is quite beneficial to improve your health. However, if you do not pay attention to sports hygiene, it will cause damage to the human body. Therefore, we must pay attention to sports hygiene in winter sports. It is cold in winter, especially in March and September. Do not engage in strenuous exercise when you have a cold or fever. Otherwise, it will aggravate the condition and even induce myocardial infarction or myocarditis.

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