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Precautions for dressing in three or nine days

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0
As the saying goes,

is "cold in March 9th". People must pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation in the middle of winter. In addition to adding clothes and quilts in time, they should also warm up appropriately, or eat some ingredients that help increase calories. Then today's old yellow calendar will introduce you the precautions for dressing in three or nine days. The upper part of


, 三九天穿衣注意事项,


is important. Wearing masks and scarves in winter is an important part of keeping warm, because masks and scarves can reduce the body heat from the head and neck. Cold in the neck may cause vasoconstriction and neck muscle spasm. Therefore, you must wear scarves or high collars, especially don't expose the neck.


it's best to wear a mask when you go out in three or nine days. It can not only keep warm, but also be easily attacked by bacteria because of the dust in windy days and the decline of respiratory resistance. Many people with facial paralysis will appear in windy and cool weather, mainly because the facial nerve is stimulated by cold, resulting in ischemic edema of nerve tissue. The best way to prevent is to be fully armed, wear masks, scarves and hats, keep warm and windproof. The middle section of


should be dry, windy and cool. It's best to wear clothes in layers. There is a formula: paste it inside, loosen it inside and close it outside. Underwear should be soft and close to the body, which helps to increase thermal insulation. The clothes in the middle layer should have strong moisture absorption, not too tight, and keep dry, otherwise it is not only not conducive to keeping warm, but also weaken the cold resistance. The coat must be windproof. It is best to have a closing design at the neckline, cuffs, waist and ankle to prevent cold air from sneaking in and causing heat dissipation. The lower part of


should be loose, and the shoes and socks should be a little bigger. The shoes and socks in winter can be worn a little looser. In winter, human capillaries are in a state of contraction. If shoes and socks are too tight and compress the feet, it will affect the blood circulation of the feet and make the feet colder. This is why many women freeze their feet when they wear too tight boots. The size of the shoes should be a little larger. It's best to pad a pair of cotton insoles, and there is still some space for foot movement. In addition, the sole is better to be slightly higher, so as to separate the cold ground.

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