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Tips for keeping warm and keeping warm for 39 days

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With the arrival of

days, the cold weather in China will reach the peak. In the coldest days of the year, keeping warm and keeping warm is the most important. Then let the old yellow calendar sort out some tips for keeping warm and keeping cold for you. They are simple but effective. Let's have a look.


drinking more soy milk can significantly increase body temperature compared with carbohydrate or fat intake. It is recommended to drink a cup of soy milk for breakfast and eat some nuts and yogurt appropriately.

add clothes. If you want to be beautiful, it's freezing. However, this practice is very harmful to human health. After the winter solstice, people should add clothes in time according to the weather conditions. Clothes and trousers should not only keep warm, but also be soft and loose. They should not be worn too tightly to facilitate blood flow.

use moisturizing cream. Patients with eczema or dermatitis should pay more attention to moisturizing in cold days. Because inflammation in dermatitis will accelerate epidermal blood flow, resulting in more body heat loss.


hats should cover the ears, and the heat dissipation of the head accounts for 30% of the heat dissipation of the body. It is best to choose a hat that can cover the ears, because although the ears are thin, they have a large surface area and are easier to dissipate heat.


as the saying goes, "if you move in winter, you will have less illness; if you are lazy in winter, you will drink more medicine." therefore, at this time, you must carry out appropriate warm exercise and physical exercise. For example, washing your face with cold water, jogging, boxing and sword dancing can improve the adaptability and cold resistance of the body to the cold.


eat warm foods. In daily diet, people should eat more warm foods, such as kelp, laver, spinach, Chinese cabbage, corn, lotus root, carrot, potato, lily, mutton, beef, etc. These foods can improve the cold resistance of the body, not only keep warm but also prevent winter diseases.

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