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What kind of food do you grow in the light snow solar term? What kind of food do you grow in the south

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on November 22, 2017, people will usher in the annual light snow solar term. Since then, the temperature has further decreased and snow began to fall in some parts of China. In terms of agricultural production, the basic construction of farmland and water conservancy is mostly started at this time, but some cold resistant crops can still be planted in the south. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you what kind of food is suitable in the south of the light snow solar term.


what kind of vegetables to grow in the South during the light snow solar term 1. Coriander: planting with coriander roots will be several times faster than planting seeds, and it will grow vigorously. It is a cold resistant vegetable. It likes cold and cool. The suitable temperature for growth is 12 ℃ - 26 ℃, but it also has strong heat resistance.

2. Celery: planted with roots, celery is resistant to cold, heat and disease, grows fast, has a wide range of temperature adaptation, grows fast, and tastes strong. It can be cultivated in multiple crops at an appropriate temperature of 15 ℃ - 20 ℃. If the basin soil is sufficient, it can be planted all year round.

3. Leek: it can survive at minus 5 degrees and grow above 10 degrees. Moreover, it has low requirements for light, so it is more suitable for balcony and indoor planting. But planting only refers to planting leek roots. If you plant with seeds, I'm afraid you can't eat leek within three months. It can be harvested 4-5 times a year.

4. Chives: you can plant them yourself, but you should be mentally prepared. It will grow very slowly indoors or on the balcony, and it will be as thin as a steel needle for a long time. It's better to plant them with onion roots to ensure that you can eat them within 20 days.

5. Early spring towel gourd: the planting of early spring towel gourd helps to improve the insufficient supply of vegetables. The early spring greenhouse planting of towel gourd in the north is mainly early maturing, disease resistance and high quality, and the variety selection is such as Shanghai fragrant towel gourd, Nanjing long towel gourd, Tangdong towel gourd, etc. Coriander has Shandong large leaf coriander and Laiyang coriander commonly used in northern China.

6. Garlic sprouts: the simplest and fastest growing, which can be eaten in 15 days.

7. Spinach: spinach is also known as Persian food, red root food, parrot food, etc. Spinach is known as "nutritional model student". It is rich in carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin K, minerals (calcium, iron, etc.), coenzyme Q10 and other nutrients. Pour fecal water once after leaving the true leaves; After 2 true leaves, combine with thinning seedlings, weeding, light topdressing first and then thick topdressing, and apply more rotten manure in the early stage; Topdressing 2-3 times in the peak growth period, 5-10 kg of urea per mu each time.

8. Lettuce: lettuce has strong adaptability, easy cultivation, short growth period and no strict requirements for harvest specifications. It can be sown in stages and batches and supplied for annual production. And lettuce has the effects of clearing heat and calming nerves, clearing liver and gallbladder and nourishing stomach. Suitable for patients with stomach diseases and vitamin C deficiency; Suitable for obesity and weight loss; Suitable for high cholesterol, neurasthenia and patients with hepatobiliary diseases; Raw food and regular food can help women maintain a slim figure.

how much do you know about light snow? In light snow season, the temperature drops and winter sowing ends. Start to pull foam, pave soil for cattle, build houses, carry out farmland and water conservancy capital construction, repair roads and carry out sideline activities.


folk proverbs related to the farming of the light snow solar term include: "thousands of households, foam manure", "light snow does not break stocks (divide evils), heavy snow does not dig out (wheat seedlings)", "build canals and dams, fear of drought", "build canals and ponds, and ensure a bumper harvest every year", "build water conservancy, make a million profits", "rely on yourself, don't rely on heaven, build water conservancy will be sweet for thousands of years" "Building canals is like building warehouses, and ponding is like accumulating grain", "no ditches, no ponds, and there is water in May and June", "no ridges, no fields are lost", "all ditches are opened, and it is not difficult to drain and water the land", "agriculture is all in winter, and water conservancy should not be relaxed", "building houses before rain, building ponds before drought, building dams before waterlogging, and preparing grain before famine", etc.


from light snow to the winter solstice is a good time for winter irrigation. As the saying goes, "when light snow arrives at the winter solstice, it is just time to water wheat", "water moisture for half a year in winter", "wheat is watered with five water, and steamed buns are sent to the mouth", "when there is water, there is no fertilizer, and there is no water to cry".

in light snow season, agricultural meteorology should avoid no snow. It is said that "if there is a lot of snow, the next year will be a bumper year" and "if there is a lot of snow, there will be a lot of dry days in May next year". Recommendations for articles related to


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