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Old Nanjing Xiaoxue custom busy pickles in streets and alleys

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there is a common saying among Chinese people that "pickled vegetables with light snow and pickled meat with heavy snow". In the past, when living conditions were not so good, there were not many vegetables to eat in winter in some parts of China. Pickled pickles were the main dishes on the dinner table in cold winter. In order to ensure that there were enough pickles to supply families in cold winter, all localities should pickle in advance. Then let the old Huang Li introduce you to the old Nanjing Xiaoxue custom: pickles.


in the past, there was an unruly custom in old Nanjing during the light snow season. Every family was busy pickling pickles and responded to the common saying "light snow pickles, heavy snow pickles meat". Before, life was not rich. Pickled vegetables and potherb mustard were the main dishes on people's table when it was cold.


should be pickled for a winter. Generally, there are a lot of pickles. Some people eat a lot. They buy two or three hundred kilograms of tall white vegetables for two cents a kilogram. The family holds ropes, ties them up, and happily carries them home with a shoulder pole. Others use a scooter to pull them back and push them home.


pickles are actually quite exquisite. Big green vegetables should be spread out and dried first. On the ground, beside the eaves, hanging clothes drying bamboo poles. In the small yard, rows of green and white have become a landscape. Some people have no place to dry, so they put them on their windowsill. The big green vegetables with fat heads and long stems look like little Bodhisattvas.

wait until the vegetables are soft in the sun and start washing in the water. Adults and children started together, big pots and small pots were poured together, and the first and second watering took turns. It's strange that the big green vegetables that were just soft were hard again when the water was washed and soaked. The dishes washed by


are stacked neatly on the long bench and drained. When the water does not drip, they are put into the large jar prepared earlier, put a layer of vegetables, sprinkle a handful of large seed salt, and code them layer by layer. Finally, press a few large bricks (stones) and cover them. A few days later, I saw the brine of pickles in the jar. After a week or so, I could smell the smell of vegetables.


green vegetables can be eaten after marinating for one month. They are crispy in the mouth. The pickled cabbage heart is cut into blocks, poured and mixed with sesame oil. It's really a meal when it's a small dish for breakfast. The pickled vegetable petals are white and tender like jade. Simmer tofu soup and look fresh. Fried soybeans with potherb mustard is another delicious dish.


now live a better life. There are fewer people who pickle vegetables. The tanks and wooden pots used to pickle vegetables in each family have long been replaced by modern household necessities. Now people want pickles, they will go directly to the vegetable market to buy some ready-made ones, simmer ribs soup, or buy a handful of potherb mustard to fry shredded meat at home. Their appetite suddenly opens.

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