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Light snow warm tips to regulate mood and reduce depression

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today is November 22, 2017. The annual light snow solar term starts today, and the severe cold in winter is getting closer and closer to people. Health experts remind people that they should pay attention to preventing cold and keeping warm after entering the light snow, but it is not just to keep warm. Because people are prone to depression in the light snow season, people should also pay attention to the mental state of themselves and others, so let the old yellow calendar introduce one or two to you.


light snow solar terms due to the longer and longer night time, shorter and shorter day time, the weather is often cold and dark, coupled with the withering leaves and the cold wind, people's mood is easy to be affected, causing some psychological sadness, especially for patients with depression, which is easy to aggravate their condition.


Wu Shang, a medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, said: "for the disease of seven emotions, watching flowers to relieve boredom and listening to music to relieve anxiety is better than taking medicine." therefore, the light snow solar term should pay attention to regulating spirit and health, controlling desire and maintaining optimism. People in this season, do not forget to often participate in some outdoor activities, more exposure to the sun, and more listening to music and watching comedy can also regulate their emotions and release bad emotions.


to resist depression in light snow diet, you can eat foods rich in folic acid such as spinach, asparagus and kiwi fruit, as well as foods rich in B vitamins such as coarse flour products, grains, yeast and animal liver, as well as foods that help to improve bad mood such as bananas and milk.


health experts also remind that in winter, Yang is hidden, Yin is extremely prosperous, and the activities of all things tend to stop. Therefore, people should do a good job of recuperation for the next spring in the light snow solar term, and should insist on lying early and getting up late to ensure sleep.


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