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What bitter taste does Xiaoxue take for health preservation to tonify the kidney

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light snow solar term is a good time for folk tonic. According to the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the human kidney corresponds to the winter Qi, so it is best to nourish the kidney in winter. Of course, light snow solar term is no exception. So what does light snow health care eat to nourish the kidney? Nutrition experts suggest that you eat more "bitter food", that is, bitter food, so let the old yellow calendar introduce it for you.


traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the foundation of congenital and the root of life. The kidney corresponds to winter Qi. Therefore, it is best to nourish the kidney in winter to consolidate essence and Yang. The Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine says, "the kidney wants to be strong. It is urgent to eat bitter to strengthen it, and use bitter to supplement it." traditional Chinese medicine believes that bitter taste enters the heart, belongs to Yin in Yin and Yang, and belongs to fire in the five elements. Therefore, bitter taste belongs to Yin fire. Bitter taste can make the heart fire help the kidney water and strengthen the kidney yin, so as to achieve the balance between yin and Yang and the combination of water and fire.


bitter products can be divided into two categories. One is bitter and warm, such as black tea and almonds. Fire can produce soil. Therefore, bitter and warm products can warm the spleen and soil and have the function of drying dampness and strengthening the spleen; A kind of bitter cold, such as green tea and lotus seed core, can clear the dry heat and evil fire of the heart and small intestine. Light snow eats bitterness and also responds to symptoms.


in winter, Yang tends to be introverted and vigorous. People who are usually strong or have more spicy meat may be prone to internal heat and get angry, such as sore tongue, dry mouth and thirst, sore throat, upset chest, yellow urine, insomnia and dreaminess. At this time, they can drink green tea appropriately and eat grapefruit, grapefruit, arrowhead, balsam pear, bitter lettuce and other foods, It helps to clear away heat and fire, diuresis and moisten intestines.


while the human body with cold hands and feet, fear of cold and warm, loose stool and clear and long urine is partial to deficiency cold, it is not suitable to eat too much of the above bitter cold products, otherwise it is easy to increase the deficiency of Yang Qi. Black tea, almond, wormwood leaf, white cardamom, tangerine peel, Polygala tenuifolia and other bitter and warm products can not only warm the spleen and dry dampness, but also warm the kidney and firm Yin. They can be matched with tea and dietotherapy.


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