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Xiaoxue health preservation principle: warm diet to nourish kidney qi

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China's traditional Chinese medicine believes that the light snow season is in winter, and the human kidney corresponds to the winter Qi, so it is best to nourish the kidney at this time. According to this, health experts suggest that people should warm the kidney yang in Xiaoxue health preservation, and the diet is mainly light, warm and tonic, so let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


"Nourishing Yin in autumn and winter without disturbing Yang". Nutrition experts pointed out that the light snow solar term is not suitable for eating raw and cold food, nor too hot and dry food, so as to prevent internal heat from causing dry mouth and nose, oral ulcer, dry stool, dry mouth, bitter mouth and facial acne.

for those who are cold, it is appropriate to eat some warm and tonic foods in light snow season, such as mutton, beef, chicken, etc. For people who are easy to get angry, the principle of daily diet is light, such as Chinese cabbage, radish, lotus root, banana, pear and apple. Cabbage and radish are the food of the season. Moreover, white radish can clear fire, reduce Qi and eliminate food. It is very suitable for consumption in this solar term.

Sun Simiao said in the cultivation Law: "it is better to reduce hard work and nourish the kidney qi." in winter, we should mainly maintain the kidney and eat kidney benefiting foods, such as cashew nuts, Euryale ferox, yam, chestnuts, ginkgo, walnuts, etc. Black enters the kidney. Therefore, black foods such as black sesame, black beans, black rice, black jujube, black fungus, etc. also have good kidney tonifying function.


light snow solar terms. The weather is cold and cool, which is suitable for medicinal diet. For example, Eucommia bidentata decoction can tonify the liver and kidney, strengthen the waist and strengthen the knee; Lotus root carp soup can nourish Qi and blood, yin and kidney; Mushroom and medlar beef pot has the effect of strengthening the spleen, tonifying the kidney and nourishing the liver; Stewed Angelica sinensis with black bean and mutton to replenish blood and kidney; Water chestnut crystal sugar drink diarrhea internal fire; Porridge such as Yizhiren porridge has warm kidney; Dangshen wolfberry porridge, yam porridge and poria cocos porridge have the effects of strengthening the spleen and kidney; Wheat porridge, jujube porridge, glutinous rice, red jujube and Lily porridge nourish the heart and remove annoyance; Radish porridge for digestion and phlegm resolving, etc.


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