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How can light snow pickled vegetables and heavy snow pickled meat taste better

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is a folk saying in China: "pickled vegetables with light snow, pickled meat with heavy snow". From today on, it has entered the light snow solar term in 2017. People everywhere pickled vegetables, pickled meat and prepared cured goods for the new year may have started to take action. So how to pickle cured goods better in light snow season? Let the old yellow calendar introduce you some tips.


as soon as the light snow season comes, people in some parts of China begin to pickle and pickle bacon for the winter and new year. According to the introduction of experts with pickle experience, there are three simple tips worth learning and mastering. The ingredients of


should be fresh. When pickled, pay attention to the selection of fresh ingredients. The vegetables should be fresh on the market, while the live fish should not be too large. It is best to choose a piece of about 8 kg, and the meat should be cut into a piece of about 2 kg to taste. The dirt of fish, chicken, duck and meat shall be cleaned to ensure the mellowness of pickled flavor. The ingredients of


yellow rice wine include pepper, salt, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, dried orange peel, dried pepper, soy sauce, yellow rice wine, sugar, etc. Among them, yellow rice wine is indispensable. It can achieve the function of sterilization, anti-corrosion and long-term storage.


salt are fried with Chinese prickly ash first. Taking pickled fish as an example, it is best to choose herring, because the meat of herring is fresh, tender and thick. After being made into cured fish, it has a chewy head and fragrant taste. However, because the price of herring is more expensive than grass carp, some people marinate grass carp, bream and other fish. It should be noted that because the bream meat is thin, it's best not to dry it too much to avoid the fish becoming "firewood".

when shopping for fish, pay attention to choose larger fish. Kill fish from the back. If you want to have a good color of pickled fish, you can not wash the fish blood. Usually, 3 liang of salt is used for 10 kg fish, and the salt is fried with pepper in advance, so that it is easy to taste and taste fragrant when pickled.


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