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How does snow cured meat taste

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is a folk saying in China: "pickled vegetables with light snow and pickled meat with heavy snow". After the light snow solar term, the temperature drops sharply and the air becomes drier and drier. In the heavy snow solar term, it is a good time to make and process cured meat. When the cured meat is ready, it is just close to the end of the new year and can be reserved for the new year. So how to make pickled meat more delicious in the snow season? Let's introduce the food culture to you.


step 1: the fresh meat of any part of the pig can be used to make bacon. The choice of meat material can be determined according to your preference. Generally speaking, it is advisable to use even skinned streaky pork. The cured meat produced in this way is fat and thin, thin but not firewood, fat but not greasy. After the fresh meat is bought back, cut it into strips 3 to 5cm wide, not too wide or too narrow. If the salt taste is too wide and cannot enter the middle of the meat, it is easy to cause the meat to be too salty. Do not wash the meat with water after cutting. If you feel that any place is not clean, scrape off the outer layer of the meat with a knife. The second step of


: it is best to use coarse-grained natural sea drying salt to marinate cured meat. This kind of salt mineral material is relatively large, and the particles are large, so the pickled meat is particularly fragrant. The amount of salt is generally 10 kg, and the meat is about 8 Liang to 1 kg. To put salt evenly on the meat, it's best to rub it hard. Then put it into a ceramic or ceramic container, cover it and marinate for 7 days. If you are diligent enough, you can turn the jar in the middle and exchange the meat above and below. If you don't have containers such as pottery and porcelain at home, you can use enamel pots, but you can't use containers such as plastic.

step 3: after drying for 7 days, take out the meat, pierce the skin at one end of the meat with the tip of a knife, tie the buckle with a hemp rope, and then hang the meat in a sunny and ventilated place for 3 to 5 days. The climate in the north is dry and full of sunshine. It can be dried for 3 days. In the south, the air is humid and can be dried for one or two more days. In short, the moisture in the meat should be dried. So far, the pickling task has been completed.

step 4: the preserved bacon has strong anti-corrosion ability and can be stored for a long time. Generally, it can be stored for 3 months. It is usually enough to hang the cured meat in a cool and ventilated place at home. If urban families are not elegant, hang the dried cured meat in a cool and ventilated place for 3 or 4 days and put it in containers such as pottery and porcelain or ordinary cartons. The air in the south is humid. In order to prevent the bacon from mildew, you should take it out and hang it on the balcony for a while. The climate in the north is dry. In order to prevent the cured meat from completely dehydrating into "cured meat stone", it can be encapsulated in plastic bags.

if you want to pickle cured fish, cured duck, cured chicken and other cured meat, the method is the same as that of cured meat. Preserved fish can choose carp, herring and other fish with thick meat. The bigger the fish, the better. Open the fish to remove internal organs, and then apply salt evenly. When drying, cross open the belly with a small stick. Preserved duck and cured chicken can be made in this way. Cooking methods of


cured meat the cooking methods of cured meat are very simple. There are three main methods: steaming, frying and cooking rice.


steaming is to wash the cured meat with warm water, cut it into large pieces of uniform thickness, put it on the plate, and steam it over high fire for 20 minutes. The delicious lean meat, translucent fat but not greasy fat meat and even meat skin are delicious, which makes people can't stop. Under the meat, you can also steam a pad dish such as Douchi, dried beans and vermicelli. These pad dishes also have the smell of cured meat and are very delicious.


are also used for frying. The cured meat is washed with warm water, cut into large pieces with uniform thickness, and stir fried with garlic seedlings, green pepper, Dutch beans and other seasonal vegetables. It is a delicious cured dish. If you think there is too much fat meat, you can refine the fat meat first, which can not only reduce the sense of fatness, but also increase the wax flavor of side dishes. Some places in the South also have the cooking practice of sauteed rice cakes with preserved meat.


are also used to wash the cured meat products with warm water and cut them into large pieces of uniform thickness. When steaming rice, add cured meat, cured duck, etc. the steamed meat juice and rice aroma are attractive to the appetite.

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