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What is suitable for kidney tonifying in snowy solar terms

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traditional Chinese medicine believes that winter Qi should be in the kidney. Nourishing kidney essence and protecting kidney qi are a major focus of health preservation in winter. Especially in the snowy season, the weather is cold and kidney qi is most likely to be blocked. Therefore, it should be good to nourish the kidney at this time. Traditional Chinese medicine says that "medication is not as good as diet". What is suitable for tonifying the kidney in the snowy solar term in winter? Let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


black sesame black kidney tonifying, of course, black sesame is the first choice for kidney tonifying. Adding a little salt to black sesame can "introduce medicine into the meridians", and the tonic effect of black sesame can be directly introduced to the kidney meridians, which is better than eating black sesame paste alone. The method of


black sesame salt is simple: stir fry the sesame, smash it with a cooking machine after drying, mix in a small amount of salt and stir evenly. Usually sprinkled on rice or bread, it is delicious and tonifying the kidney. Black sesame has a good therapeutic effect on people with dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, early white beard and hair loss after illness.


walnuts are warm in nature and sweet in taste. They can not only tonify the lung and asthma, but also tonify the kidney and consolidate essence. Therefore, we should eat more walnuts in our daily life. In addition, according to relevant medical research, walnuts can also moisten the intestines and defecate. We should pay attention to this.


yams are flat in nature and sweet in taste. They have the functions of strengthening the spleen, tonifying the lung, strengthening the kidney and benefiting essence. They should eat more often, whether it is Yin deficiency and fire, or premature ejaculation due to loose kidney qi. Meng Shen, a food doctor in the Tang Dynasty, once said: "yam benefits the husband and helps Yin power." according to the Japanese herbal medicine, "yam helps the five internal organs and mainly discharges essence and forgetfulness." the "seeking truth from the herbal medicine" also says: "yam is originally food, and its nature is astringent, which can cure spermatorrhea. If it can be taken together with other kidney tonifying and essence strengthening foods, such as Euryale ferox and lotus seeds, it will be more effective.


Euryale ferox are flat in nature and sweet and astringent in taste. They can strengthen the kidney, astringe essence, supplement the spleen and stop bleeding. Miao Xiyong, a physician in the Ming Dynasty, called Euryale ferox "a medicine for tonifying the spleen and stomach and consolidating essence and Qi". Compendium of Materia Medica also holds that Euryale ferox "benefits the kidney and cures spermatorrhea". In ancient times, many famous prescriptions for treating premature ejaculation of spermatorrhea, such as Jinsuo Gujing pill, Yusuo pill, Shuilu Erxian pill, etc., were developed mainly from Euryale ferox, combined with lotus whiskers, keel or golden cherry seeds. The experience of the new edition of Materia Medica is: "Euryale ferox is not particularly beneficial to essence, but can astringe essence and tonify kidney. It is used together with yam, and each is the end. It is mixed with rice every day."

silkworm chrysalis silkworm chrysalis is rich in protein, fat and vitamins. It is not only a traditional folk delicacy, but also has the effects of tonifying liver and kidney, strengthening yang and astringent essence, So usually we can eat some silkworm pupae properly, especially those with kidney deficiency, spermatorrhea and premature ejaculation should eat more silkworm pupae.

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