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Old Ningbo snow folk work at night and eat dinner at night

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the ancients said that the way to maintain health "moves with the times". In the snow season and cold weather, generally speaking, people's daily life and folk production and labor will gradually enter the rest period of "conforming to and avoiding Tibet", but in the folk custom of old Ningbo, you can't be idle at this time. For the upcoming winter solstice festival, people have "worked at night" and came into being "Night cooking", so what's going on? Let Lao Huang Li introduce it to you.


in the past, when it entered the heavy snow solar term, local shops and handicraft workshops in Ningbo began to "night cooking". Then, what is "night cooking"? The so-called "night cooking" of

was written by Mei Yaochen of the Song Dynasty In autumn and winter when Uncle Yong returns to the field, there is a description that "the Weaver's night work is cold, and the social wine has been called by Acquaintances". In Qing Jialu Chongyang cake, Gu Lu of the Qing Dynasty also said that "a hundred workers work at night, which is called night work". In short, it is night work.


according to the introduction of local folklore scholars, "night work" The formation of customs is due to the cold weather, short days and long nights until the winter solstice, so people use the characteristics of long nights to "work at night"


shops are busy, even medicine shops are several times busier than usual. Sick people hope to prescribe some creams before the new year, so as not to bring the disease to the new year At the same time, the tailor's shop is also very busy. In the past, clothes were made entirely by hand, which was very time-consuming. People often invite the tailor to come home and stay for three or four days. It's delicious and entertaining, and tailor clothes for everyone in the family.


in addition to "long night and short day", folklore experts say, "night work" The popularity of the custom is mainly due to the winter solstice, which will soon be as big as the year after the heavy snow solar term. In order to celebrate the winter solstice festival, people always have to make some preparations in advance.


and "night work" until late at night, people's stomachs will inevitably "protest". At this time, "night work" will be born in response to the situation. The so-called "night work" , it is not rice in the usual sense, but mostly refers to snacks that can satisfy hunger, such as steamed bread, steamed stuffed buns, noodles and Wong blunt. Folklore experts say that for small businesses and small shops, the "night cooking" is often based on local materials, such as steaming some New Year cakes in New Year's cake shops and burning bowls of red jujube and longan soup in southern goods shops. The prosperity of


, "night cooking" and "night cooking" The demand for more or less has also promoted the prosperity of the night snack business. Restaurants and snack stalls have opened night markets one after another, and they don't close until five o'clock. It is recorded in the history of food and goods in the Han Dynasty that "since October, women come from the same alley,... Small people sell sugar fried chestnuts, cooked silver apricots and so on with bright lights and lotus loads to fill the night snack. They shout along the door, and people's voice is silent at every corner."

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