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What is the most suitable tea to drink during the snowstorm

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on December 7, 2017, people will enter the heavy snow solar term. After that, it will be cold and dry. Don't forget to replenish water in time in daily life and work. Then let the old yellow calendar recommend you some tea drinks suitable for snow solar terms. Drinking these tea will not only quench thirst and moisten dryness, but also prevent diseases and strengthen your body.


glutinous rice black tea raw materials: 50g glutinous rice and 5g black tea. Practice: wash the glutinous rice, add an appropriate amount of water to cook, and then add black tea to cook. Efficacy: this tea can replenish qi, nourish blood and warm up the body, and improve the symptoms of physical weakness. Raw materials of


Miaoxiang red jujube tea: 10g sour jujube kernel, 12g medlar, 9g longan meat and 7 red jujubes. Method: put the above raw materials into the pot and add 150ml water. After boiling, change the slow fire to decoct for 25 minutes, and add a little sugar. Drink 50ml twice a day. Efficacy: this tea is beneficial to the liver and kidney and replenishes Qi and blood. It is especially suitable for patients with arrhythmia caused by deficiency of heart and kidney yang.

Ginger apricot tea raw materials: 25g almond (peeled), 10g ginger, 10g licorice and 10g salt. Method: mash almonds, grind licorice into powder and stir fry together; Peel the ginger and mash it with salt. After mixing, brew with boiling water and drink frequently instead of tea every day. Efficacy: this tea has the functions of dispersing cold and relieving cough, moistening lung and resolving phlegm. It can be used to treat cough, chills, phlegm in pharynx and other diseases caused by wind cold and cold.


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