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Winter solstice folk eating ginger rice in Wuchuan, Guangdong

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since ancient times, the winter solstice has been a festival and solar term valued by people. People all over China have different traditional customs during the winter solstice, and eat different seasonal foods. Some places eat dumplings, some places eat dumplings, while Wuchuan, Guangdong needs ginger rice. Let the old Huang Li introduce it to you.


during the winter solstice of Wuchuan people, every family eats preserved ginger rice for the festival. Ginger rice, as the name suggests, should have ginger, and this ginger is not simple. It is composed of seven different varieties of ginger. People call it "seven color ginger". In fact, there are more than seven kinds now. Now vendors have launched ten kinds of ginger, which means perfect. People usually eat ginger, spicy ginger and Shajiang, while other varieties of ginger will be on the market only before the winter solstice.

preserved ginger rice in addition to ginger, another protagonist is preserved meat. Generally, sausage and bacon are used. Some families will do it themselves and put it on their own roof. It is purely handmade and naturally more delicious. As for rice for cooking, some people use glutinous rice. In fact, ordinary rice can be used.

Wuchuan ginger rice production method raw materials: ten kinds of ginger, sausage, bacon, rice, oil, salt, sugar and water preparation method: 1. Prepare ten kinds of ginger with perfect meaning. First peel and wash the ginger, and then chop it into ginger paste. 2. Cut the sausage and bacon into sections and pieces, wash them and set them aside. Wash the rice and set it aside. 3. Put oil in a hot pot, add ginger and saute until fragrant. Then stir fry the cured meat together. 4. Add rice and stir fry, add some salt to taste, or add a little sugar. 5. Stir fry evenly, shovel it into the rice cooker and add water to start cooking. 6. After cooking, the spicy preserved ginger rice is finished.

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