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The winter solstice custom in old Yangzhou will disappear if it doesn't spread

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in ancient China, the winter solstice is the most important festival of the year. Up to now, people still spend it as one of the most important solar terms of the year. The customs of the winter solstice are diverse and rich in local characteristics. In the ancient city of Yangzhou, the older generation called the winter solstice "great winter". There are many customs suitable for the occasion, so let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


ancestor worship at noon on the winter solstice, each family should prepare seven dishes to honor their ancestors. Big flour, boiled fish, roast meat, green vegetables and tofu are dishes that we should try our best to get together. Others are arranged according to the conditions of each family. People who pay more attention to them will prepare pig heads and three animals early. The basic procedure of ancestor worship is: serving dishes, candles, incense, pouring wine, kowtowing, making wishes, and then burning big money.


eat glutinous rice balls "glutinous rice balls" are the necessary food for old Yangzhou in winter. Eating glutinous rice balls symbolizes family reunion, family harmony, auspiciousness and good luck. Therefore, every family should eat glutinous rice balls. Glutinous rice balls are also called "Yuanzi" in Yangzhou dialect. In the past, there was a saying that "eating glutinous rice balls is one year older".


do not give money (avoid giving money) older Yangzhou people are very taboo to take money in Dadong. I don't know if it is related to the saying that "winter is like a year, every family eats dumplings, Mr. doesn't have a holiday, and students don't give money". Children and younger generations cannot give money to their parents on the winter solstice.

eat papaya on the winter solstice. Eating papaya on the winter solstice can cure (prevent) all kinds of diseases. Many people take off the old papaya and store it for cooking on the winter solstice. More people leave the papaya on the withered vine, put it on the wall and roof, and take it off at that time.


Yangzhou ballads have "Jiujiu song" in which the lyrics are as follows: the first 929 doesn't move, 3949 walks on the ice, 5969 looks at the willows by the river, the 799 River thaws, 899 swallows return, 999 plus 19, and farm cattle walk everywhere. The "Nine" in the


ballads starts from the winter solstice, and every nine days is a "Nine". After nine "nine days", winter will end and spring will come. Therefore, Yangzhou people call entering the winter solstice "entering nine", also known as "entering nine".

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