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What do you eat during the winter solstice in Jiangxi

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winter solstice is an important winter solar term among Chinese people. At this time, there are rich customs all over the country. Of course, there are many traditional food for the festival. Then let the old Huang Li introduce to you what delicious food Jiangxi eats at the winter solstice.


hot tofu in order to get rid of the cold, Nanchang people eat a bowl of hot tofu on the winter solstice. As the saying goes, "you can't eat hot tofu in a hurry". When winter comes, drinking a bowl of hot tofu can not only warm your body, but also herald the prosperity and heat of the coming year. Old Nanchang people often say that "it's good to pickle meat and bones in the winter solstice". Therefore, generally, after the winter solstice festival, they start killing pigs, pickled meat, moldy tofu, steaming wine with glutinous rice, etc., so as to make material preparations for the new year.

MACI fruit winter solstice, the most important thing for Shangrao people - playing MACI fruit. It seems easy to beat MACI. In fact, the process is very complex. The washed glutinous rice is soaked in water all night, washed and drained after being fully inflated, steamed in a wooden bucket, poured the hot glutinous rice into a stone mortar after coming out of the pot, swung a tamping pestle and pounded it hard. Next to it, there is a master specially responsible for adding hot water to knead MACI. The mashed glutinous rice balls are served on the table, kneaded and rounded one by one, wrapped with fragrant sesame sugar and put into a bowl.

glutinous rice the winter solstice custom of Yichun is to eat glutinous rice on this day. The delicious glutinous rice is on the table! According to Yichun people, some people eat sweet glutinous rice. They add sweet potatoes, soft glutinous glutinous rice, and salty peas and bacon. It's delicious.


fermented glutinous rice balls. The Hakkas in southern Jiangxi inherited the Han style and followed the Han style carefully. The winter solstice ancestral hall held a grand ceremony of ancestor worship and root searching, and every family swept the tomb and hung paper. Gannan people eat glutinous rice balls with wine during the winter solstice, commonly known as "the winter solstice does not move the circle, and the husband ghost does not make money". The wine soup garden has a refreshing fragrance, slightly alcoholic but not strong.


glutinous rice rakes are used in Jiujiang. It is a custom to beat glutinous rice cake at the winter solstice every year. Despite the cold and frost in the morning, I beat glutinous rice cake myself. Then we sat around the table, you and I, and tasted the sweet and soft glutinous glutinous rice cake. Eating glutinous rice cake at the winter solstice can strengthen the spleen and stomach, replenish zhongyiqi and strengthen the body.

pumpkin paste Jingdezhen people eat a bowl of hot pumpkin paste on the winter solstice. Wash the old pumpkin, cut it into pieces and cook it in a pot until it is cooked. Then mix the flour into a paste and boil it. From the perspective of medicine and nutrition, pumpkin paste is sweet and delicious, warm the stomach and warm up, and the price is cheap. It is a very suitable food.


native chicken soup are popular among the people in Xinyu. It is said that it is necessary to stew Native Chicken Soup for children on the winter solstice. As the saying goes, "three nine make up one winter, and there will be no pain in the coming year". Winter tonic has a long history in China. Native chicken itself has the advantages of delicious, tender meat and rich nutrition. Native chicken soup tastes mellow and delicious, and is easy to absorb and digest. It is very helpful to relieve certain pressure and nourish the body.


smoked bacon Pingxiang smoked bacon can be called a masterpiece. There is a record in the book of changes that "Japan hopes to be in the sun and Yang is in the fire, which is called Bacon". Every winter solstice, when farmers kill new year pigs, they have to smoke bacon and preserved meat. Pingxiang bacon features: good color and aroma, manual smoking, long storage time, etc. In addition to smoking cured pork, it can also smoke chicken, duck, goose, beef, dog meat, pig viscera and other meat products.


stuffed intestines Fuzhou people begin to make all kinds of local delicacies and snacks, such as stuffed intestines and moldy tofu, when the winter solstice comes and the weather turns cold every year. On the day of the winter solstice, ordinary families will buy better ingredients. The family will sit together and set up a pot of hot pot.

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