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Winter solstice folk activities in Yueqing, Zhejiang

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The winter solstice of

has a history of more than 2500 years in China. In the long years, local people have gradually formed many winter solstice folk customs with local characteristics. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce to you what are the folk activities of the winter solstice in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province.


eat tangyuan. On the winter solstice, Yueqing people have the habit of eating Tangyuan or MACI. Elders will take advantage of their children's eating dumplings for tutoring, such as "eating dumplings will be one year older", and persuade their children to be more obedient and do everything better than last year.


drying dumpling powder before the "winter festival", many people will grind glutinous rice into powder a few days in advance, mix it with water, and then divide it into small pieces and place them on the bamboo Da to dry dumpling powder. After the dumpling powder is dried, put it into the foreign oil tank. When you want to eat, take a few pieces out and soak them in water before use. Some people will also sun a lot at once. They will give it to their neighbors and relatives on the eve of the winter festival.


sell glutinous rice balls. Before and after the "winter festival", there will be some people selling glutinous rice balls in the streets of Yueqing. These people usually come from the suburbs and rural areas. They cook and pinch the dumpling powder into a ball at home in advance, and then bring some white sugar and bean paste powder. They sell it all the way. They make it while selling. They are highly skilled. As soon as their hands rotate, a ma Ci becomes a hollow Ma CI ball like a table tennis ball, and then stick white sugar and bean paste. It tastes sweet. The


festivals are held in some rural areas of Yueqing. On the day of "winter festival", every family should place a banquet to worship their ancestors. The pig's head, chicken, duck, goose, fish and other things are filled with and plates to worship their ancestors. After worship, the family sits down and eats. This is called "making Festival".


wish for heaven. Some families in Yueqing also hold a "wish for heaven" ceremony on the winter solstice. If some wishes made at the beginning of the year are realized, they must be fulfilled on this day. Therefore, when Yueqing people evaluate a person who is lazy and does things well, they will satirize with the word "vow", such as "how can you do things? You have no strength at all".


are also called "Baijia wish", which means that "Baijia rice" should be brought out to repay the wish. A hundred meters is made of a hundred meters, which proves that a hundred wishes have been fulfilled. But where does this "hundred rice" come from?


it is said that beggars eat the most on the winter solstice, because only the rice in their hands can be used as "hundreds of rice", so some people spend high prices to buy beggars' rice for worship and vow.

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