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What are the precautions for maintaining Yang in winter solstice

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according to Chinese traditional medicine, health preservation in winter stresses the word "Tibet". At this time, the hidden Yang in the body can be maintained well, and the birth opportunity can be refreshed in the coming spring. Especially when the winter solstice solar term comes, it is the key time for the conversion of yin and Yang. At this time, the Yang in the human body is weak, and it is not good to supplement it. Let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you, What are the precautions for maintaining Yang Qi in the winter solstice.


don't overeat. The winter solstice is at the end of the year and the beginning of the year. New Year's day will soon come. There are many parties during this solar term. Remember not to overeat. Because at this time, Yang is the weakest and can't help the body transport too much food.


avoid the cold. During the winter solstice, the Yang of the human body is too weak, so the body's resistance is also poor. At this time, you should avoid the cold. When you go out, you must wear a scarf and cover your back, abdomen and sole to avoid the invasion of wind and cold, so as not to catch a cold and get sick.


avoid sexual intercourse. When the Yang of the human body is weak, it is advisable to conserve energy and energy, and never think too much of evil sex to hurt the body.


avoid sweating. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that a lot of sweating will also consume a lot of essence and Qi. In winter, we should comply with the weather, pay attention to raising and hiding, rest quietly, and should not exercise violently and sweat a lot.

avoiding right and wrong winter is a high incidence period of hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Avoiding right and wrong can avoid sudden diseases caused by emotional excitement.


diet should not be salty, spicy and spicy. In winter, the health preserving diet should not be too salty. Too salty will hurt the kidney and Yang Qi. In addition, the diet should also pay attention not to eat spicy things.


bask in the back and replenish Yang Qi. The back is where the governor vessel of the human body is located. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the governor vessel is the Yang Meridian of the human body and plays a role in regulating the Qi and blood of the Yang Meridian. You can find a sunny window at noon to dry your back. Your whole body will be very warm.


rub the back waist and nourish Yang Qi. The waist eye is a strange point outside the meridian, which is located in the depression of 3-4 inches around the spinous process of the fourth lumbar spine of the human waist. After rubbing your hands, press your palm tightly on your waist for a moment, and then push it down to the tail. Repeat it 50-100 times a day. It can not only dredge the meridians and strengthen the waist bones, but also strengthen the lean kidney and prolong life. It is suitable for both men and women.

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