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How do ethnic minorities spend the winter solstice in Hunan

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the Han people in China have always regarded the winter solstice as an important traditional festival. When the festival comes, the festival customs are rich and colorful. Among some ethnic minorities, the winter solstice is also a festival that people ceremoniously celebrate. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you how to spend the winter solstice of ethnic minorities in Hunan.


Miao people "winter" Miao people call the winter solstice "winter", and the Miao Lunar New Year is usually the day before the winter solstice. The arrival of the winter solstice means that the Miao year has come. On the winter solstice, families kill pigs, make Ciba, marinate bacon, fill sausages, prepare enough glutinous rice wine (sweet wine) and Baogu wine, and the people in the stockade have a reunion dinner together. In addition, the Miao nationality has some unique winter solstice customs.


ancestor worship: worship the "village leader", that is, the first person to settle down in the stockade. Clean body: take a bath with water soaked in Acorus calamus leaves the day before or after the winter solstice, which means to tend to evil and ward off evil spirits. Protect the house: bind the GANGLONG vine, fir leaves and calamus together and hang them above the door. Xu Jielong's wish: cut five-color paper into the shape of ancient coins, set a Dragon Cave in the middle of the hall, put the Dragon bowl from the Oriental well in the cave, and seal it with a stone slab engraved with Tai Chi diagram. It means wealth and prosperity. Taboo: no crying, no noise; In addition, livestock and poultry should be well entertained, especially cattle. There is a custom of feeding cattle to eat Ciba. On the winter solstice of


Dong People's "Dong New Year", all Dong people celebrate the Dong New Year, which is equivalent to the Spring Festival. There are lively activities in various regions, including Lusheng, duoye, Dong opera, duet and other colorful activities.


winter solstice tea: Winter Solstice tea should be picked as oil tea during the winter solstice festival. At that time, the picked tea is the most delicious, and more importantly, eat winter solstice meat. Respect pig pens: Dong people respect the land of pig pens, chant scriptures and kill new year pigs: Slaughter native pigs, pig heads and pig tails, respect their ancestors and gods, and bless their children and grandchildren to develop and everything goes well. Winter solstice meat: on the winter solstice festival, some people in Tuan stockade will kill pigs. Please "sip the winter solstice meat" in the stockade. The whole Tuan stronghold goes to "sip the new year pig" when the family kills the new year pig. If the family eats less people, it will be shameless. Frozen fish: Dong people have the eating habits of "Dong is inseparable from acid" and "Dong is inseparable from fish" since ancient times, and the eating habits of oil tea, black glutinous rice and "laye" (closed rice). In particular, frozen fish is an indispensable delicacy for Guo Dong. It tastes delicious, sweet and slightly sour, moderate spicy and very appetizing. Pickled fish and meat can be eaten raw or cooked.

Bai "ancestor worship Festival" Bai traditional festival ancestor worship Festival is the winter solstice festival. Ancestral temples, also known as family temples, are generally built in large villages of Bai nationality. Every winter solstice festival, men, women, children, old and young gather in the ancestral hall, kill pigs and sheep, worship our Lord, hold God racing activities, jump sticks, encourage and give a big feast.

there is a saying of the Bai Nationality: winter is big and year is small. It is believed that according to the ancient Bai calendar, a year is ten months, and November is the beginning of the second year, so winter is big. Because this season is the surplus period of idle grain, young people often choose the winter solstice day to get engaged. On this day, all Bai villages were immersed in a festive atmosphere. Bai people eat fried buckwheat and mutton soup on the winter solstice.

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