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How do you spend the winter solstice in old Beijing

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the ancients of our country attached importance to the winter solstice. There is a saying that "the winter solstice is as big as a year". During the Shunzhi period of the Qing Dynasty, the imperial court also set the winter solstice as one of the three major festivals of the year to hold sacrifices and celebrations, and various festival customs among the people are indispensable. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you how to spend the winter solstice in old Beijing.


in the eighth year of Shunzhi of the Qing Dynasty (1651 AD), the court decided that new year's day, winter solstice and longevity festival were three major festivals. On the day of the winter solstice, the emperor will go to the temple of heaven to worship heaven. The next day, the ministers will congratulate the emperor on the winter solstice festival in the Taihe hall. Whether the aristocracy or the common people, there is a set of laws when the winter solstice comes.


winter solstice games and visiting teachers. The arrival of the winter solstice means the official beginning of the severe cold climate. People have entered the "count nine cold days". After the winter solstice, farming is reduced, which is not conducive to outdoor activities. Therefore, old Beijingers generally start the "cat winter", and everyone will fill in the "nine nine cold elimination map" for recreation.


and "99 cold elimination map" have nine vertical and horizontal grids, with a total of 81. According to the formula of "upper Yin and lower Qing, left wind and right rain, and snow in the middle", the color also has rules. Fill in and describe it according to the weather every day. After "99", a cold elimination map is completed, and spring comes again.


in the old days, young people who loved learning martial arts began to learn martial arts on the winter solstice. Old Beijing called it the custom of "watching winter". Some energetic boys will play ice carts, dragging ice beds and other games after Shichahai and moat freeze.

winter solstice food for old Beijingers, the essential food for the winter solstice is dumplings. But in the early years, we didn't eat dumplings on the winter solstice. "Yanjing Sui Shi Ji" is called "winter solstice wonton and summer solstice noodles". In other words, the earliest food people ate on the winter solstice should be called "wonton".

wonton is really a special food in old Beijing in winter. Generally, there are wonton stalls on the street in winter. It's hot and comfortable to eat. The vendors selling wonton beat small wooden bangs and shouted "wonton boiling". This kind of wonton pays attention to boiled white meat soup. The stuffing is refined meat. There are about ten in a bowl. There are seven kinds of seasonings, including winter vegetables, laver, shrimp skin, pepper, soy sauce and vinegar. Eat and cook now and catch it when you boil.


the wonton sold in the capital are very picky. Later, we set up a stall. A small pot is separated by iron sheets. While cooking the bones, we open the pot. Anyone can buy it at any time and cook it at any time. In the past, people thought that Yang Qi rose at the beginning of the winter solstice, but the Qi of heaven and earth was still in the intersection of "chaos", so we should eat wonton on this day, which means "chaos begins".

old Beijing used to eat mutton steamed stuffed bun in addition to wonton during the winter solstice. It is believed that the lunar November "winter solstice is born in one Yang", the December "two Yang", the first month of the next year, "Three Yang brings peace", the "sheep" of mutton is the "Yang" of the homonym "Yang Qi", so we should eat mutton to replenish Yang Qi.

on the other hand, the weather is getting colder after the winter solstice. In order to keep out the cold, old Beijingers eat spicy soup, fried meat and muddy wine every morning, which is a low alcohol wine like corn flour porridge like Shaanxi thick wine, which increases heat for the body.


in the old imperial palace in the capital, they had to eat Shabu Shabu every winter solstice, which was the enjoyment of the nobility at that time. The instant boiled mutton in the palace is different from the folk. It is called "whole instant boiled mutton". First of all, the soup is exquisite. It is required to cook roast duck, raw chicken slices, mushrooms, shrimp, scallops, balls and oven meat. Secondly, in addition to instant boiled mutton slices, there should also be the belly face and belly kernel of mutton tripe, as well as mutton kidney and mutton liver.


in the old days of Beijing, the winter solstice was like New Year's Eve. It was necessary to prepare "winter solstice meat", "New Year's cake", dishes, etc. for festival consumption. The scene was very similar to new year's Eve, so it was called "winter solstice night". In addition to the staple food, old Beijingers also eat walnuts, persimmons and other snacks on the winter solstice.

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