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Guangdong winter solstice what to eat? Xinyi people are happy

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the importance of Chinese people to the winter solstice solar terms can be well summarized in the sentence "the winter solstice is as big as a year". In the vast northern areas, people often eat dumplings and wonton during the winter solstice. In some places in the south, they eat dumplings. In some parts of Guangdong, they eat something called "rice dumplings". Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the food customs of eating rice balls at the winter solstice.


"Pang" is a traditional special snack in Zhanjiang, Wuchuan, Lianjiang, Maoming, Beihai, Pubei and other places in Guangdong. Xinyi, a county-level city managed by Maoming, people don't eat dumplings during the winter solstice, but every family specializes in "Pang". Generally, people like chicken crown Pang, and some places like sugar mug.


there is a legend about the origin of Zhen in Xinyi. It is said that in the past, Xinyi was originally a barren land with no grain. Later, a group of people who avoided the war came. Seeing the continuous hills and no beacon smoke here, they took root, cultivated and multiplied. At the beginning, people could only plant some miscellaneous grains such as potato to satisfy their hunger. In order to make full use of the grain, they pounded the miscellaneous grains into powder with a wooden mallet, added water and stirred them into a paste for cooking, so as to increase its volume several times and become foods such as cassava paste and corn paste.

later, people have successfully planted rice on this land and achieved good harvests. In order to celebrate the harvest and change the taste, people mashed the rice into powder according to the previous method, and mixed it with simple fillings such as vegetables to make food with a certain shape and taste, which is "rice". At the beginning of


, people only used stem rice (commonly known as "sticky rice") powder to make rice dumplings. Later, it was found that glutinous rice powder had stronger viscosity, easier shape and better taste, so they specially used glutinous rice powder to make rice dumplings, which gradually became a custom year after year.


there are many kinds of oysters in Guangdong, and the methods are different. However, most people in Xinyi eat chicken crown oysters. Chicken crowns are covered with glutinous rice flour and rice, and filled with peanuts, lean meat, leeks and shrimp. Mix the rice flour first. Chicken crown dumpling, also known as boiled soup dumpling, is a traditional snack in Xinyi. In Xinyi, people are happily busy preparing rice noodles and fillings for soup during the new year's festival. All diners who have tasted Xinyi boiled soup are full of praise.


boiled rice soup, also known as boiled rice soup, is a kind of rice cooked in soup. Its main material is glutinous rice. Due to its unique geographical location and climate, the big and small glutinous rice planted in Xinyi smell particularly fragrant. Beat the good local glutinous rice into powder and use it as the skin of the soup, which can enhance the viscosity, especially chewy, and make the taste of the soup more elastic. There are also many kinds of fillings for cooking soup. The commonly used ones are leeks, pork, white radish, peanuts, shrimp, etc. they are mostly produced locally and have strong local characteristics.


soup can also be fried. Drop the oil over a low fire and fry until both sides are golden yellow. Then you can start the pot. After frying, it is fragrant, golden and attractive. It tastes smooth, soft and waxy, making your teeth and cheeks fragrant.

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