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How does old Nanjing spend the winter solstice? Burn bags and eat tofu for nine

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the ancients believed that the winter solstice was "the highest of the cathode, and the Yang Qi began to grow". Therefore, it was also called "one Yang Sheng". It was regarded as an important solar term and grand festival in the year. There were also many folk activities at the winter solstice Festival. In the past, in Jinling area, "burning bags and eating tofu" was the standard configuration for people to celebrate the winter solstice. So far, such a custom has spread among Nanjing people. Let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


barbecue folk believe that the winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night in the whole year. At this time, the Yang is the weakest, and the soul of the underworld can "let out the wind". Therefore, the winter solstice is also called "Ghost Festival" by the people. Old Nanjing people usually prepare paper money and gold ingots before the winter solstice, and then burn paper money to honor their ancestors before dinner that day. That is what Nanjing people often call "Shaobao".

count nine. The winter solstice is the first day of nine, and the weather will gradually turn from cold to warm. So Nanjing people will start counting nine on this day. It is commonly known that "counting Nine Songs" usually starts with "no action in 1929, walking on the ice in 3949...". The content of counting nine songs in old Nanjing is different. They sing:


in 1919, add a lock of 2918 to work, freeze the ducks in the river in 3949, and insert willows in the wind in 5945, The poor man danced in front of the street at 6954, the rose was tender at 7963, the pedestrians carried clothes at 8972, and the pedestrians took paper fans at 9981. The poor man had to stretch his feet to sleep after suffering. Mosquitoes and fleas produced


to eat tofu. Nanjing people often say that "burning bags for nine to eat tofu" is the standard configuration for the winter solstice. "Shaobao" is to worship ancestors, "count nine" is to welcome the new year, "eat tofu" symbolizes the beautiful meaning of the new year. There are many ways to make tofu in old Nanjing. Green vegetable tofu "keeps peace", scallion mixed tofu "is clean", and scallion fried tofu means "calm and surplus".

chicken soup in addition to tofu, Nanjing People's winter solstice is also inseparable from chicken soup. Nanjing people usually prepare a pot of hot butter chicken soup to keep out the cold on the winter solstice. There was a saying that most people in the South drink duck soup at the winter solstice because the south is hot and humid, and ducks are cool food. In the north, we eat chicken or mutton soup. Because the north is cold, we should use warm food to tonic. However, Nanjing people usually drink chicken soup, and will eat 191 until the end of 1999.


dumplings. Old Nanjing people cook a bowl of white waxy sesame dumplings at the winter solstice. This custom originated from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. According to historical records, it is said that "during the winter solstice, powdered glutinous rice is called pill, which is called 'Tangyuan'.". Tangyuan should be eaten around the family after the sacrifice, which means complete happiness. Sometimes it is replaced by glutinous rice and bean paste, which means round and sweet.

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