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Do you know what to eat in Jiangxi during the winter solstice

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Jiangxi is famous for its red culture at home and abroad. It is the cradle of the Chinese revolution. Many people know that Jiangxi has the habit of offering sacrifices to ancestors and sweeping tombs on the winter solstice. There are a large number of grave sweepers every year. In this issue of the winter solstice solar terms, talk about what Jiangxi eats on the winter solstice.


1. Glutinous rice in Yichun, people eat glutinous rice in the winter solstice. If they like to eat sweet potatoes, they add peas and bacon. On the winter solstice day, Ganzhou Hakka people hold a grand ceremony of ancestor worship and root seeking in the ancestral hall; In the diet, the winter solstice to eat wine dumplings, commonly known as "the winter solstice does not move round, the husband ghost does not make money".

2. The winter solstice is also a good time for folk "pickling" and "mildew". Old Nanchang people often say that "it's good to pickle meat and bones in the winter solstice". Therefore, generally, after the winter solstice festival, they start killing pigs, pickled meat, moldy tofu, steaming wine with glutinous rice, etc., so as to make material preparations for the new year. Shangrao people also fill sausage, pickled fish and meat on the winter solstice. In addition to salting delicious fish, drying radishes is also a scenery of the winter solstice. It is said that the radish dried in the winter solstice is the most refreshing. When the frost wind blows, the radish is crisp. It can be eaten almost before and after the new year. The whole family likes it very much.

3. Not only that, there are many interesting customs in Jiangxi. The winter solstice in Shangrao is very lively. In rural areas, in addition to sweeping tombs, they also have to play MACI fruit. Jiujiang has the custom of beating glutinous rice cake every winter solstice. Early in the morning, the sound of "Dong Dong" beating glutinous rice cake will ring out of the window. MACI is a specialty of Jiangxi and a famous snack in Southern Fujian. It is often used as a sacrifice. Its raw materials are superior glutinous rice, lard, sesame, peanut kernel, rock sugar, etc. MACI is sweet and delicious. It is resistant to hunger after eating. It has a sweet and smooth taste, soft, tough and slightly ice. The finished product is bright white, smooth, tough and transparent.

4. Hot tofu is worth mentioning that people not only have the habit of eating dumplings and dumplings on the winter solstice, but also Nanchang people have a bowl of hot tofu on the winter solstice. As the saying goes, "you can't eat hot tofu in a hurry". When winter comes, eating a bowl of hot tofu can not only warm your body, but also herald the prosperity and heat of the coming year. As the old saying goes, "in the winter solstice, if you eat scallion and tofu overnight, you can eat it all night, but you can't eat it all night. If you eat it all winter, you don't eat it all winter.". It is reported that because "rot" is homonymous with "wealth", the folk proverb says, "if you want to be rich, burn tofu with shallots on the winter solstice overnight", which also reflects the people's psychology of yearning for wealth, so this custom has been spread to the present.

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