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Warm up the solar terms of heavy snow and fight the tiger in the spring of the next year

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There is a folk saying in

: "tonic in winter and fighting tigers in spring". It is a good time to tonic in winter in the season of heavy snow. The so-called "tonic" refers to warming tonic, which is beneficial to Yang, kidney and bone, yin and essence. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you the recipe of warming and tonifying the solar terms of heavy snow.


qizaohe Decoction: the complexion of nourishing the heart is good. The normal complexion should be red and yellow, bright and moist, while when the body is bad, the complexion is dark yellow, dusty, pale or macular. The heart governs the blood, with vigorous Qi and blood, and the complexion is ruddy and shiny; If the heart qi is insufficient and the heart blood is deficient, the face will be pale.


ingredients: 15-30g Astragalus, 10g jujube, 30g Lily and clear water. Method: stew the ingredients together for 30-40 minutes. Efficacy: take it with soup and ingredients, 1-2 times a week. It is good for patients with deficiency of both qi and blood. It can alleviate the symptoms of fatigue and fear of cold, and moisturize the skin.


Chinese wolfberry yam porridge: it protects the liver and brightens the eyes. In winter, the air is dry and cold, and the eyes are easy to dry and shed tears. The liver opens the orifices in the eyes. If the function of storing blood in the liver is normal, the eyes will have spirit. If the liver blood is insufficient, the eyes will be dry and the vision will be reduced. Due to the physiological characteristics of women, they are prone to blood deficiency. They should protect their eyes and don't use them too much during the physiological period. If liver blood deficiency, it will be dizzy or night blindness; If the liver Yin is insufficient, the eyes are dry and astringent.

main ingredients: yam, medlar, rice (appropriate amount) auxiliary ingredients: rock sugar, water (appropriate amount) practice: 1. Wash medlar and soak for a while. 2. Wash yam, peel and cut small diced yam. 3. Add water to cook rice into porridge. 4. Add diced yam, medlar and rock sugar and continue to cook over low heat for about 10 minutes.

red jujube yam porridge: invigorate the spleen and moisten the lips. In winter, many people's lips and quarrels will appear peeling, dryness and even a small amount of bleeding. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "the spleen opens its orifices in the mouth, and its beauty lies in the lips". If the spleen is healthy, the lips will be ruddy; If spleen qi deficiency, lip color is light or even yellow. Therefore, strengthening the spleen is the key to prevent dry lips. Vitamin deficiency will make dry lips more serious. You should eat more vegetables and fruits.


ingredients: yam (200g), red dates (9 pieces), glutinous rice (100g), rock sugar (30g) and water (1000ml). Methods: 1. Wash and soak red dates. Peel and cut yam. 2. Put cold water in the pot and put the washed glutinous rice in it. Put in yam pieces. 3. Put the red jujube into the back cover, put on the pot cover, turn on the power and press the porridge key. 4. Add rock sugar when boiling for 40 minutes and cook for another 10 minutes.

candied Lily: strengthen the lung and smooth the skin. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "the lung governs the fur", and normal lung function can moisturize the skin; When the lung is dry, the skin is dry and easy to desquamate. After winter, the lungs are vulnerable to dry weather, so you should start drinking more water to help the skin resist dryness.


ingredients: 100g dry Lily and 150g honey. Method: 1. Wash the dried lily and put it into a large enamel bowl. 2. Add honey, put it in boiling water and steam for 3 hours, and adjust it evenly while it is hot. 3. After cooling, put it into a bottle for standby. 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon in the evening.


cereals: tonifying the kidney and dark hair. Many people are prone to hair loss in winter. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "the kidney is the foundation of congenital, and its beauty lies in the hair", and the hair can reflect the rise and fall of kidney qi. The hair of people with kidney qi is dense and shiny, while the hair of people with kidney qi deficiency is easy to fall off, dry and turn white.


main ingredients: Rice (100g) auxiliary ingredients: oats (30g), black rice (30g), medlar (10g), millet (30g), buckwheat (30g), sorghum (30g) and barley (30g). Methods: 1. Wash the coarse grains (except rice) in a dry basin and soak them in clean water. 2. Wash and soak the rice for 10 minutes. 3. Mix well with coarse cereals and steam them in an electric rice cooker. 4. Soak the soaked medlar and stew it for a while.


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