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What does Fujian Sanming eat during the winter solstice

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talks about what to eat in the winter solstice. The ancients have a poem: "it is known that it is the winter solstice day of the Ming Dynasty to make glutinous rice balls by pounding rice at home." it refers to the food custom of eating glutinous rice balls in the winter solstice. However, in all parts of the motherland, the characteristic food on the arrival of the winter solstice festival is not only glutinous rice balls. Then let the old Huang Li introduce to you what to eat in the winter solstice of Sanming, Fujian.


it is the custom of Yong'an City to eat dogs in winter, and there is a dog meat Festival. Most of the practice is to cut dog meat into pieces, add sesame oil and stir fry until the dog skin is brown, add rock sugar, salt, red dates, dried longan, ginger, tangerine peel, good wine and fragrant leaves, stir fry, add water and put it into a casserole for stewing.


are also eaten by local people after simmering or stewing dog meat with some blood and Qi tonifying traditional Chinese medicines such as Angelica sinensis, Codonopsis pilosula, cooked land, Astragalus membranaceus and ginseng, and must be taken in the morning. Some villagers stew pig's feet and roosters with tonics.


the custom of entertaining guests with bean flour, black sesame and brown sugar mixed with Ciba during the winter solstice in Jiangle rural area, Jiangle County, to show good luck, and then dip in the seasonings prepared by bean flour, black sesame and brown sugar to taste flexible, fresh, smooth, sweet and delicious.


Shaxian snacks are famous all over the country. Naturally, there is no shortage of food. In the winter solstice festival, there is not much pomp. Generally, the whole family get together and eat tangyuan. However, the Tangyuan of Shaxian people likes to be matched with bamboo shoots, coriander and other ingredients in the soup. Because Sha county is close to Sanming City, some customs have gradually disappeared. It is estimated that some traditional customs, such as dragon and lion dance, can only be seen in the countryside.

because Datian County is adjacent to Quanzhou, the winter solstice customs are relatively similar and basically the same. Relatives and friends get together at home and eat dumplings together. Because there are more mountains and forests in Datian, there are naturally more. Therefore, Datian people like to eat some ingredients, such as wild boar meat, hare, winter bamboo shoots and so on. They are delicious and fragrant.

in Taining County, on the winter solstice day in Taining, some rural people make glutinous rice dumplings (winter solstice dumplings) or rub balls for consumption, and some slaughter chickens and ducks and buy pork for the festival. The winter solstice is regarded as the most suitable auspicious day for sacrifice and blessing. Therefore, most people like to start work on this day when they carry birthday materials, move graves, make birthday coffins (coffins), make shroud and so on.


for breakfast in Youxi County, each family has the custom of cooking small balls for food. It is made of glutinous rice flour and into small balls, called "xiaocizi". The house was full of children of ESHI.


in Jianning County, in addition to eating dumplings, there is a custom of "worshiping winter". There are offerings every day, and the whole family kneels down to worship their ancestors. The clan living in groups opened ancestral halls, set up animals for sacrifice and worshipped their ancestors.


in other parts of Sanming City, although slightly different, they are also similar. They basically eat dumplings, worship ancestors, eat dog meat, chickens and ducks and other tonic ingredients.


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