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The stress and taboo of going to the grave in the winter solstice

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On the arrival of the winter solstice of

, people in some areas of China have the custom of going to graves, sweeping tombs and offering sacrifices to ancestors, also known as "Winter Sacrifice", which is a very serious ceremony. Of course, there are many stresses and even taboos during this period. Then let the old yellow calendar tidy up for you. What are the stresses and taboos of going to the grave at the winter solstice.


can we go to the grave in advance at the winter solstice? Tomb sweeping is originally to send condolences and remember our old friends. There are no too many restrictions on time. Moreover, the winter solstice is a day when the sun returns and everything is renewed. Just like life, life is the beginning of death, and death is the beginning of life. So don't care about time.

but I suggest you not to go to the cemetery too early or too late. During the winter solstice, the sun sets early when it gets late. The period from 9 a.m. to 15 p.m. is a period of strong Yang Qi in the day, which will strengthen its own Yang Qi. If women are in the physiological period, it's best not to go to the grave. Even if there is no taboo, don't overwork.

winter solstice tomb paying attention to and taboo

1. Because it is ancestor worship, it is inevitable to go to some places where few people go. It is best to walk according to the usual route. Don't go hiking in remote places. First, it is a safety problem, and second, it is easy to stick and provoke evil spirits.

2. Be respectful to the tombs you encounter while walking or standing. Don't touch the tombstone with your feet. Be more serious in such places. Don't touch and occupy other adjacent tombstones at will.

3. In ancestral cemeteries, we must clean up weeds, add loose soil, sweep away sundries in front of the tomb and clean tombstones. You can meditate in your heart and hope that the ancestors under the nine springs will bless the prosperity of future generations.

4. The best time to sweep the tomb is when Yang is strong. You can't sweep the tomb before or just after dawn, in the evening or when the sun is about to set, because the resistance is the weakest at this time, which is unfavorable to the grave sweepers. It's generally better between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

5. If the person who goes to the grave is weak or ill or has black forehead and hair, it means that his luck is low. It is best not to go to the grave; If you must go, you can wear amulets such as jade articles or jade Buddha with you.

6. Pay attention to the route of tomb sweeping. It's best not to repeat the way to and back from the tomb sweeping. Don't go back. Don't look back when you leave after the tomb sweeping.

7. After tomb sweeping, most people will feel a little Qi deficiency and fatigue. It is recommended to go to shopping malls and other places before going home to absorb some popularity and Yang Qi, or take a bath in the public bathroom to remove Yin and evil Qi. It is best to step off the brazier before entering the house. Burn a fire with straw paper and cross it in turn.

8. Pregnant women and women who are coming to their holidays had better not go to the grave. Patients with mental diseases, patients with serious mental diseases and not fully recovered, children under the age of 7 have weak Yang, so it is recommended not to go, and patients with other major diseases should not go to the grave.

9. The cemetery is a place for the spirits to live in peace. When sweeping the tomb, you can't cross the tomb and offerings, make noise, laugh, scold, swear, run around and urinate everywhere. This is not only disrespectful to your ancestors, but also a nuisance to nearby spirits. We should not trample on other tombs or comment on the design of tombs. It will be regarded as blasphemy. If we encounter a bad atmosphere, we will get into trouble and go home.


10. Pay attention to the generations when going to the grave at the winter solstice, and the worship should be in order. The order is: father, mother, eldest male, eldest daughter, second male, second female... And so on. After the worship, the sacrifice is blessed by the ancestors, and everyone can eat and take the sacrifice. Finally, of course, we should pay attention to fire safety. We can't leave until the candles are lit.

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