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What is the annual flavor of Northwest snow solar term? It starts with mutton

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The folk proverb

says: "pickled vegetables with light snow, pickled meat with heavy snow." in many parts of China, there is a custom of pickled bacon before and after the snow solar term, which is prepared for consumption in winter and during the Chinese New Year. In the northwest, people prefer to welcome the new year from a mutton soup or a bowl of mutton porridge rather than pickled bacon. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you what to eat in the northwest snow solar term.


what to eat in the northwest snow solar term: mutton soup and mutton porridge mutton is not only nutritious, but also has high medicinal value. Eating mutton in winter can effectively nourish the body. For example, yam and mutton are used to cook porridge. Yam mutton porridge has the function of strengthening the spleen and kidney. It is suitable for the body's fear of cold and loss of appetite. Rourong mutton porridge is beneficial to kidney and Yang, tonifying essence and blood, moistening intestines and strengthening body. Yuanjiang mutton porridge has the functions of tonifying deficiency, supplementing qi and blood, warming spleen and stomach and dispelling cold.

snow solar terms northwest Cuisine: Xinjiang mutton soup

materials: mutton ribs with bones, coriander, salt and pepper. Practice: chop the mutton ribs with bones into 3cm wide sections, cut parsley into sections for standby, put the large pot on the cold water rack fire, immediately put the chopped meat into the cold water pot, boil it over high heat, stew it over low heat, use a spoon to clean the dirty foam on the surface of the soup and skim it off. Fish a few more times. After about an hour (or longer), the mutton is cooked. Sprinkle enough salt and pepper at a time and put them into a large basin after 1 minute. Put coriander segments on the surface of the soup in the basin and serve. Efficacy of


: it is most suitable for the treatment of cold hernia, abdominal pain, fear of cold, blood deficiency and less milk. It is suggested to add 2G Angelica sinensis, 30g ginger and 500g mutton for conditioning.

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