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It's snowing heavily today. It's freezing

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today is December 7, 2017. At 6:33 a.m., people have entered the 21st solar term of this year - heavy snow. The ancients said: "heavy snow, November Festival. The big one, also full. So far, the snow is full." that means that since then, the snowfall will be more frequent, the amount of snow will increase, and the snowfall range will be wider and wider. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the cold snow solar terms. The arrival of


heavy snow solar term marks the official beginning of the mid winter season. After that, the temperature will drop significantly, the days will be shorter, and the possibility of snow is greater than that of light snow. The ancients divided the heavy snow solar term into three periods: "the first period is when the babbler doesn't sing; the second period is when the tiger begins to pay; the third period is when the litchi comes out."

babbler is a kind of bird, which looks like a pheasant, but is larger than it. This kind of bird is aggressive. Once it fights until death, the ancients used them to compare warriors. The babbler belongs to the most sunny thing. In winter, its feathers are sparse and it chirps day and night. For a period of time after the heavy snow, it stopped singing because of the extreme Yin Qi.


five days after the start of the snow solar term, Yang Qi sprouts. Sprouting is just beginning to sprout but not hair. Although it is not hair, it has begun to wake up. At this time, the tiger can already feel the onset of Yang and begin to have a desire to mate.

Liting is a kind of orchid. The ancients said that it "looks like a cattail and is small, and the root can be used as a brush". It is a bit like a cattail, but it is smaller than a cattail, and the root is longer and hard, so it can be tied up and used as a pot brush. On the third five days after the heavy snow, Yin Qi was the most prosperous, and it flourished and declined. Cathode Yang was born. Li Ting felt the sprouting of Yang Qi and pulled out new buds.


there are two keys to health preservation after heavy snow. One is appropriate, and the other is not too biased. The so-called moderation is to be just right. Not too much, not less. If you are too cautious, you will lose your fitness and be at a loss. The so-called


are not biased, which means that the comprehensive recuperation should be moderate. Some people regard "tonic" as nourishment, so diet emphasizes nutrition, and food must be supplemented; Daily life emphasizes comfort and rest; In addition, it is supplemented by tonic drugs. Although food tonic, medicine tonic and rest are all in the scope of health preservation, using it too much will affect your health.

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