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Common weather and disasters in heavy snow solar term

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After the

heavy snow solar term, most parts of China are dressed in winter. Most of the Yellow River Basin and the north have been wrapped in silver. The Jiangnan region has also entered the midwinter season, and the temperature has decreased significantly. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the snow solar term. What are the common weather and disasters.


heavy snow (Blizzard) strong cold air meets warmer air, cold and heat meet, which can often form a large amount of snow or even blizzard.


snowfall can help alleviate winter drought and freeze pests, which is conducive to the development of winter tourism; However, excessive snowfall will lead to snow on the road area, turn snow into ice, and affect road traffic and civil aviation.

freezing rain (RIME) the cold air continues to go south to the south of China, especially Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei and other places, which is easy to form freezing rain. Snowflakes falling at high altitude melt into rain at the middle level, continue to be cold at low altitude, and become supercooled water in the form of raindrops although it is lower than 0 ℃. Any object falling on the ground will freeze immediately. Although the freezing rain of


falling on the trees is a spectacle, it may also have a serious impact on transportation, electricity and communication, resulting in reduced fruit production. After the heavy snow of


, the rime landscape often appears in the northwest, northeast and most of the Yangtze River Basin. This is the phenomenon that the water vapor in the air condenses at low temperature and directly freezes on the object to form milky white ice crystal sediments. The rime of


is a beautiful scenery enjoyed by people, but it may also become a natural disaster, damage trees and wires, and have a serious impact on transportation, power supply and communication. After the


ice flood and heavy snow, the Baotou reach of the Yellow River was frozen and closed, while the Lanzhou reach to the South was not closed. The river flows to the closed reach. Because the ice layer and ice dam on the closed reach block the river from the upstream, forcing the water level to rise, the Baotou reach has the ice flood disaster of overflowing the river embankment.


haze in December, in Jiangnan, which has just entered winter, the temperature is relatively low in the morning or there may be large fog areas after rain and snow; Northern cities have basically started heating, exhaust emissions have increased significantly, and haze weather will become more and more frequent.

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