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Is the winter solstice according to the Gregorian or lunar calendar_ Is the winter solstice the lunar calendar or the Gregorian calendar

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The winter solstice solar term

was established as early as the spring and Autumn Period in China. It has a history of more than 2500 years, and has always been a festival and solar term that has attracted much attention. When people look at the calendar, they will find that the date of the winter solstice is not necessarily the same every year, but it fluctuates between a few days. So how to calculate the date of the winter solstice? Is it according to the Gregorian calendar or the lunar calendar? Let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


Q: is the winter solstice according to the Gregorian calendar or the lunar calendar? A: the winter solstice is calculated according to the Gregorian calendar. The 24 solar terms


are determined in combination with the movement cycle of the sun and are divided according to the position of the sun on the ecliptic (that is, the earth's orbit around the sun), so the date of each solar term is subject to the Gregorian calendar. Depending on the sun starting from the vernal equinox (zero degrees of the Yellow meridian, at this moment the sun shines vertically on the equator), every 15 degrees forward is a solar term; Running for a week and back to the spring equinox, it is a year of return, which is 360 degrees. When the sun reaches 270 ° of the Yellow meridian, it is the winter solstice. The date of


solar terms is relatively fixed in the Gregorian calendar. For example, the date of the winter solstice is always between December 21 and 23 of the Gregorian calendar. However, in the lunar calendar, the date of solar terms is not very easy to determine. Taking the beginning of spring as an example, it can be as early as December 15 of the previous year and as late as January 15 of the new year.


the ancients in China established 24 solar terms to reflect the changes of seasons and guide agricultural activities. For thousands of years, they have always affected the clothing, food, housing and transportation of thousands of families. However, since 2000, most of China's main political activity centers have been concentrated in the Yellow River Basin, and the 24 solar terms were initially established based on the climate and phenology in this area. China has a vast territory and changeable terrain, so the 24 solar terms are only a reference for many areas outside the Yellow River Basin.

2017-2025 winter solstice solar term schedule

2017 winter solstice time: December 22, 00:27:53, the fifth day of November (big) in 2017, 2018 winter solstice time: December 22, 06:22:38, November (big) 16 in 2018, 2019 winter solstice time: December 22, 12:19:18, November (big) in 2019 27. The winter solstice in 2020: December 21, 18:02:12, the seventh day of November (small) in 2020, the winter solstice in 2021: December 21, 23:59:09, the eighteenth day of November (large) in 2021, the winter solstice in 2022: December 22, 05:48:01, the ninth day of November (small) in 2022, and the winter solstice in 2023: December 22, 11:27:09, The winter solstice in 2024: 17:20:20 on the tenth day of November (small) in 2023, November (large) in 2024, and the winter solstice in 2025: 23:02:48 on December 21, and


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