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Winter solstice solar term field farming

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With the arrival of

winter solstice, the temperature across the country has further decreased and there is frost. Winter crops have entered a critical period of growth. Therefore, this is not the time for farmers to rest in winter. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the winter solstice solar terms and field farming.


after the winter solstice, the climate has entered a severe cold period. In most areas, the temperature dropped to about 10 degrees and frost appeared. This month is a key period for field management of winter crops. Take care of the wheat. In the key period of promoting long roots and leaves and multiple tillers, wheat seedlings should be applied with a quick acting fertilizer in time, so as to facilitate the early growth of tillers, increase the number of effective tillers and build a high-yield seedling frame for high yield. Wheat seedlings grow in winter and dry seasons, and in case of drought, they should be irrigated with "running horse water".


when the winter solstice comes, the word "fine" is required for field management in the early stage of rape transplanting and early planting. In particular, Brassica napus needs a large amount of fertilizer. Sufficient base fertilizer, boron fertilizer and potassium fertilizer should be applied early to promote the stable growth of winter and increase the number of green leaves before winter and the first branch after year.


wheat and rape are cultivated in the middle of loosening the soil, re applying winter manure, watering mud and slurry, clearing ditches and regulating soil moisture, cultivating soil and blocking roots. The cotton field with rice stubble and the seedling beds of cotton and corn are turned over in winter, and the mature soil layer. Plough and whiten the winter fallow field, remove the field ridge, ridge and weeds near the field, and eliminate overwintering diseases, pests and disease sources. Weed in green and fertile fields, and pay attention to soil cultivation, root blocking and anti freezing and seedling protection.


around the winter solstice is a good time to build water conservancy, vigorously carry out farmland capital construction and compost. At the same time, we should apply wax fertilizer and do a good job in anti freezing. In Jiangnan area, we should strengthen the management of winter crops, do a good job in clearing ditches and drainage, cultivating soil and blocking roots, and pay close attention to the hardening of winter soil that has not been ploughed, so as to loosen the soil, enhance the capacity of water storage and water conservation, and eliminate overwintering pests. In the southern coastal areas where spring planting has begun, it is necessary to do a good job in cold prevention of rice seedlings. Recommended by


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