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Six points for attention in agricultural production during the winter solstice

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

around the winter solstice, the northern hemisphere has short sunshine time, further lower temperature and colder climate. In such weather, it seems that it is no longer suitable for large-scale agricultural production, but in fact, farmers are still busy at this time, because this is the key period of field management of winter crops. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you six things that should be paid attention to in agricultural production during the winter solstice.


(I) make full use of the winter fallow field to develop the cultivation of autumn and winter open field vegetables, winter corn, winter soybeans and harvest melons, develop greenhouse vegetables, pay attention to technical services, organize experts to enter the field and shed to guide production, and do a good job in the connection of production and marketing.


(II) good field management of autumn and winter crops is very important to promote the transformation of weak seedlings into strong and safe overwintering, and ensure the early growth and rapid growth in spring. Where conditions permit, plastic film can be used to cover, which is conducive to water, fertilizer and heat preservation.


(III) while continuing to do a good job in the technical guidance of rush sowing, the technical plan for field management of autumn and winter crops should be formulated according to the principle of "focusing on promotion before winter and combining promotion and control after winter" and according to the region, crop type and seedling situation.


(IV) we should carry out systematic investigation and monitoring of seedling, soil moisture, insect and disease conditions, provide technical guidance for the whole process of field management, and effectively improve the availability of field management technology for autumn and winter crops by organizing demonstration training, carrying out information services and strengthening the guarantee of agricultural materials, so as to provide guarantee for the harvest of grain and oil this winter and next spring.


(V) actively introduce high-level planting companies and large planting households, cultivate marketing organizations, and solve the worries of farmers in production and marketing. In particular, we should strengthen the work of running the market, finding information and signing orders, actively support large marketing households, constantly dredge the circulation channels of agricultural products, so as to ensure agricultural efficiency and increase farmers' income.

(VI) in snowy days, it is necessary to prevent the shed from being crushed by heavy snow. Farmers' families should do a good job in freezing and keeping warm.

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