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Vegetable farming in winter solstice

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When the winter solstice of

comes, farmers everywhere have strengthened the field management of winter crops to prevent cold, freezing and insect pests. At the same time, they should also do a good job in water and fertilizer conservation, especially vegetable growers. They should do a good job in overwintering management to promote the growth of vegetables, so as to prepare for the early spring market. So how do farmers manage vegetables during the winter solstice? Let the old yellow calendar introduce you.


the winter solstice has the shortest light. For vegetables, melons and fruit crops cultivated in protected areas, they should be opened early and covered late to see more sunshine, so as to improve the temperature and promote growth. Overwintering vegetables should be treated with thin fecal water, covered with grass for heat preservation and antifreeze, especially the overwintering management of seedbed should be strengthened.


pay close attention to the reinforcement and renovation of the greenhouse, and cover a layer of grass curtain around it to enhance the thermal insulation effect. The temperature of Eggplant and fruit vegetables should be controlled at about 20 ℃, melons and fruits at 20-25 ℃, and leafy vegetables at 15-20 ℃. Brightening: the shed is north-south, and the plastic film is often scrubbed, and the transparent film is selected.


should strengthen the management of overwintering seedlings such as eggplant, tomato and sweet pepper, and cover them with multiple layers to promote the strong growth of vegetable seedlings. In the seedling stage, we should also pay attention to thinning seedlings, pull out weak seedlings, yellowing seedlings and high foot seedlings with too fine growth, and plant them separately. At the same time, avoid diseases caused by excessive humidity, especially pay attention to the prevention and control of seedling collapse.


strengthen water and fertilizer management and cold prevention measures. Sow cabbage with strong cold tolerance and green leafy vegetables such as spinach for early spring response to the market. For thermophilic crops such as cucumbers and cucumbers in winter warm shed, to prevent downy mildew, gray mold and leaf mold, spray Anke or can kill 2000 or alum every 7-10 days. In case of disease, spray Yunda 120 in combination to improve the control effect and promote growth.

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