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Animal husbandry and farming in winter solstice

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entered the winter solstice, the temperature in various places further decreased. In terms of agricultural production, the focus is on antifreeze and heat preservation, water and fertilizer conservation. The management of vegetables and fruit trees needs to be strengthened, and animal husbandry is no exception. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the animal husbandry and farming in the winter solstice.


during the winter solstice, conduct a comprehensive overhaul of livestock and poultry barns. The open pig house should be covered with plastic film to improve the temperature in the house; The piglet feeding room is equipped with an infrared lamp to supplement the newborn with heat source. Close the doors and windows of the cowshed to prevent thieves from entering. It's best to fill some fence grass in the cowshed for thermal insulation. Hang a straw curtain in the sheep house to prevent the cold wind from blowing in. The temperature of the poultry brood room shall be increased to prevent the wind from entering.


should not be fed to frozen feed and cold water. In case of ice and snow, the green feed shall be stacked indoors, and the pig compound feed shall be fed after stacking and fermentation for several hours. Pigs and cattle should be fed warm water. Generally, well water and water placed indoors can also be fed. Never feed stream water or cold water placed in the wild.


cattle and sheep herbivores should be properly supplemented with concentrate and artificial forage. They should go out for grazing later and return early, especially the goats should be placed on the sunny slope. Long haired rabbits should strengthen heat preservation. The rabbit house should keep warm. Long haired rabbits can only pull the upper or lower body at a time, not all of them. The nest box of newborn rabbits shall be covered with rabbit hair, and attention shall be paid to prevent the newborn rabbits from freezing out of the nest box. Laying hens, laying ducks and egg pigeons should be supplemented with light. The lights should be turned on for 2 hours in the evening and morning to stimulate gonads and promote egg production.


pay close attention to the epidemic situation. Do a good job in disinfection and isolation of livestock and poultry houses, especially set up a disinfection pool at the door, and change clothes and shoes in and out of livestock and poultry houses to prevent the introduction of foreign epidemic sources and the occurrence of infectious diseases. At the same time, we should also make disaster prevention plans, actively formulate disaster prevention plans for possible drought, waterlogging, freezing and other disasters in winter, make good material and technical preparations, strive for the initiative of disaster prevention and resistance, and ensure high yield, high efficiency and increased income of autumn and winter crops.

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