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How much do you know about the winter solstice custom in Datong, Shanxi

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Datong, Shanxi Province is one of the "nine ancient capitals" in China. There are rich cultural relics and historic sites in its territory, such as the famous Yungang Grottoes and Huayan Temple. It also inherits many folk customs with a long history. Then, in the winter solstice, an important solar term known as "as big as a year", let the old yellow calendar introduce you.


according to Datong local chronicle experts, the winter solstice festival is also known as the Asian year old or the lunar new year in Datong. It is said that it is the birthday of the miner's protection god, so this day is also the most solemn festival in all coal mines. Coal mines are closed for three days. According to the annals of the Republic of China, "the coal mines are closed during the winter solstice. Every three days, wine and food are feasted and exchanged with each other. Therefore, there is the proverb of new year in the new winter and new year's greetings by kiln friends".


are the day when the kiln temple is brightly lit and cigarettes curl up. The kiln owner, people's cabinet, Mr. and the master of charcoal holding worship with incense. The kiln workers worship in front of the kiln God in turn, praying for the kiln God to protect themselves. After dark, the fire will be lit, all kinds of things (SOCIAL fire) will enter the competition, and the drum maker and Troupe will perform on the stage. Although after the founding of new China, the worship of kiln gods was no longer carried out, the festival atmosphere was still very strong.


not only that, in the past, the local private schools in Datong also had a ceremony to worship Mr. Kong Jing when the winter solstice came, and the teachers and students had a dinner in the study. On this day, merchants' cloth households also worship the God of wealth, and their taste is quite prosperous. Moreover, in the past, on the first three days of the winter solstice, there were children in Datong in groups, shouting "new winter is coming, kiln friends pay New Year's greetings", asking for large charcoal door-to-door along the door, and collecting all the charcoal in the Wudao temple in each street. On the winter solstice, the charcoal collected in the three days will build a big fire in front of the Wudao temple to offer sacrifices and worship animals. In some streets, drummers are also invited to blow, creating a festival scene.


experts also introduced that on the winter solstice, the eldest brother and his family should buy meat and make dumplings to worship their ancestors, relatives and friends to celebrate the new year, and there is a folk saying "don't eat meat on the winter solstice, freeze and rot your toes". And on this day, every family will invite a son-in-law, who will worship his father-in-law, commonly known as "worship winter".

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