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Eight things to pay attention to when soaking in hot springs during the winter solstice

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enters the winter solstice season. Friends who are afraid of the cold must wrap themselves tightly. At this time, if you can take a hot spring bath and get warm all over, it's the best. However, there are some things about taking a hot spring bath. Let the old yellow calendar introduce you eight things you need to pay attention to in taking a hot spring bath at the winter solstice.


soaking in hot springs has a rhythm. Soak in hot springs at the winter solstice. Don't rush into the water. First try whether the spring water temperature is appropriate. If the water temperature is appropriate, first sit by the pool, soak your feet, wet your body with hot spring water, and then slowly immerse yourself in the water.


are soaked in sequence from low to high. There are pools with different temperatures in the hot spring area. Follow the principle of heating first and then heating. Soak in sequence from low temperature spring to high temperature spring, so that the body can gradually adapt to the spring temperature.

choose mild spring water, choose spring water with water temperature of 30-45 ℃, and do not soak in hot springs that are too hot and sour. There are many kinds of


symptomatic hot spring water, and the health care effects are very different. Before soaking, you should carefully read the instructions of hot spring water quality and medicinal materials, and choose the spring water suitable for you. The time of


should not be long. Generally, the hot spring bath can be soaked repeatedly for 15 to 20 minutes each time. If you feel dry mouth, chest tightness, dizziness, etc., go to the pool to have a rest and replenish some water.


combined with massage and proper massage can strengthen the health care effect of hot spring.


do not soak in hot springs on an empty stomach. It is not suitable to soak in hot springs on an empty stomach, but do not make soup immediately after meals. It should be separated by about 1 hour.

pay attention to protect the skin. Some hot spring water is irritating. It's best to rinse your body with clean water before and after soaking in hot spring. After moistening the hot spring, you can apply some moisturizing lotion to keep the skin moist.


are not suitable for people who soak in hot springs. Those who are


1, too tired, 2, too full or too hungry, 3, 4 of patients with diabetes, 5 of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, 6 with skin diseases, 6 with acute diseases, 7 with leukaemia, and 8 at the early and late stages of pregnancy at or before and after physiological periods. Those who have just drunk wine 9. Men should take less hot spring

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