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Northern winter solstice custom send winter

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in China, there is a custom of "returning to their mother's house" for married daughters on the second day of the lunar new year. In some places in the north, married daughters also have the habit of "returning to their mother's house" on the winter solstice, commonly known as "sending winter". Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the winter solstice custom in northern China: sending winter.


ballads say: "winter solstice sends winter, parents are peaceful." returning to their mother's house on the winter solstice, commonly known as "sending winter", is a long-standing folk custom in some areas of the north. In the past, the rural conditions were poor. In winter, the elderly paid attention to "cat winter" to avoid the cold and keep warm, and those who were not in good health were called "boil winter". An old man in serious condition is like passing through hell in winter. After the ninth day of the winter solstice, many old people's conditions will generally worsen, which will arouse the concern of their children. As the saying goes, "it's difficult to sleep at night when thinking about their parents, but the old people should add clothes. It's a good idea to send winter without sending their end, and I hope my parents will live longer than the mountain."


preparations for sending winter to their parents began a few days before the winter solstice. Daughters personally make shoes and socks for their parents, or go to the market to buy clothes and hats for their parents. The clothes are loose, soft and light, and the food is soft and has high nutritional value. Everything is a real good thing, with a daughter's filial piety in it.


on the morning of the winter solstice, these married daughters are busy. They wrap up the things prepared for their parents, put clean clothes on their children, and finally don't forget to dress up themselves. If you have a mother-in-law, say a word. If you have no mother-in-law, lock the door and go back to your mother's house with your son-in-law. On the morning of


Winter Solstice Festival, on the road to the countryside, the daughter who went back to her mother's house to "send winter" came in an endless stream by car or on foot, scattering laughter and laughter all the way. Before her daughter got home, her parents, brothers and sisters welcomed her out. After entering the warm room, the daughter took out all the clothes and food for filial piety to her parents and set a table. In order to please her sister-in-law, she also specially brought her sister-in-law a printed headscarf or fragrant pancakes (soap) bought from the market. The family's warm words and happy laughter echoed in the yard.


as the saying goes, "winter solstice dumplings and summer solstice noodles." when my daughter comes to "send winter", my mother's family makes dumplings for her daughter. As soon as the girl came in, the whole family got busy. Mother and face, sister-in-law on the chopping board "Dangdang -" to chop meat and vegetables for stuffing.


if his daughter comes with his son-in-law, Lao Taishan and his brother-in-law will make arrangements for wine and vegetables and accompany his son-in-law to drink a few cups of home-made sweet potatoes. The children of my brother's family and sister's family have long run out of the house together. It is: the winter solstice sends the joy of winter's parents, and opens the door to welcome their own daughter. I can't finish my intimate words. On the ninth day, the spring breeze starts.

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