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How much do you know about the winter solstice custom in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province

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when it comes to Jinhua, Zhejiang, most people's first reaction will be the famous Jinhua ham, and some will think of Hengdian film and Television City, which has the reputation of "Hollywood in China". People come here to taste famous and special products with a long history, visit the film and television base across historical time and space, shuttle freely between classical and modern, and don't forget to experience the local customs. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the winter solstice custom in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province.


ancestor worship is in Jinhua. Ancestor worship at the winter solstice must not be forgotten. Although there will be no sacrifices such as pork and chicken, most people will still take chrysanthemums and go to their ancestors' graves.


Jinhua people pay attention to the sacrificial food for going to the grave during the winter solstice. There are four kinds of dishes that are necessary in the tradition, namely small green vegetables, white cut meat, tofu and tofu bags. "Small green vegetables need a whole root. Cut the meat white without soy sauce, which means" pure and white ". Fried tofu on both sides means" red and hot ". Tofu bag represents" harvest "because it is the same color as the sieve."

Bask in the new year's flavor and make rice wine. On the railing outside the window, a string of full sausages are red and white, showing a tender luster in the sun. Next to them are smoked sausages and pickled ducks, and sometimes you can see several salted fish. In addition to sausages, old golden Chinese also make a jar of fragrant rice wine with red koji. It is said that the wine brewed on the winter solstice tastes very good and is easy to preserve.


soak your feet to get frostbite. When it comes to soaking your feet, some people may say that you can soak your feet every day. However, there is a custom of "soaking your feet at the winter solstice" in Tangxi area of Jinhua. It is said that this can get rid of frostbite and spend a warm winter. There is also a saying among Jinhua people: "wash the cold shortage at the winter solstice and launder money during the new year."

“ Kdsps "the daughter-in-law goes back to her mother-in-law's house for reunion. Many daughters-in-law in Jinhua rural areas have to rush to their mother-in-law's house for reunion at the winter solstice. There is a Jinhua saying that" the daughter-in-law spends the winter outside, gets empty at both ends, and loses a father at home. "It is popular in Jiangnan that" the winter solstice is as big as the year ", on this day, people hope for family reunion."

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