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Winter solstice custom in old Suzhou

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winter solstice is one of the earliest established solar terms in China's history. In Suzhou area, the winter solstice was celebrated as the beginning of the year as early as 2500 years ago according to the Zhou calendar. Over the long years, customs such as drinking winter wine, eating winter solstice group and delivering winter Solstice plate were spread around the winter solstice. So what is this "winter solstice plate", Let the old yellow calendar introduce you.


for the winter solstice in old Suzhou, in addition to winter wine making, winter solstice meat, winter solstice group and pickled vegetables, there is another essential thing, namely "winter solstice plate". "Winter solstice plate" is a gift box given by Suzhou people before the winter solstice festival, including wine, rice, banquet, tea, group, etc. "Winter solstice plate" was popular in Suzhou during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, but it gradually disappeared from the winter solstice custom of Suzhou people, and did not enter the public's attention again until recent years.


and "winter solstice plate" are gift boxes given to each other by old Suzhou people before the winter solstice festival. In the past, rich people used food boxes made of mahogany, while ordinary people used simple bamboo plates. The "winter solstice plate" contained winter wine, cakes and snacks, red bean glutinous rice and other winter solstice food. In recent years, the "winter solstice plate" popular among Suzhou people integrates local customs, including "wine, rice, tea, dumplings, fruits, pickled products" and other foods.


recorded in the Qing Jia Lu of winter wine making: "people in rural areas make wine with herbal glutinous rice, which is called winter wine making", also known as Dongyang wine. The wine that Suzhou people must drink on the winter solstice night is brewed only once before the winter solstice every year. The new rice with sickle in October, coupled with osmanthus flowers picked by Guangfu in autumn, makes the wine fragrant and pleasant. It is most suitable for eating in winter.

red bean glutinous rice Suzhou custom on winter solstice night, the whole family gathered and ate red bean glutinous rice. It is said that Gonggong had talented people who committed many evils and died at the winter solstice. After his death, he became a plague ghost. This son was most afraid of red beans, so people cooked red bean rice on the winter solstice to ward off evil spirits and diseases.

winter solstice group reunion winter solstice group. "Qing Jia Lu" contains: Bihu ground flour as a group, filled with sugar, meat, buds, fruits, red bean sand and shredded radish.

pickled vegetables, Su style pickled meat, pickled vegetables.

winter solstice tea although the winter solstice is cold and cold, a Yang is born. Yang Qi is slowly brewing and secretly flowing, contributing to Yang Qi. You can drink some warm tea. The items on the


winter solstice plates have the effects of protecting Yang, helping body Yang and boosting vitality: for example, in winter wine making, wine is the strength of a hundred medicines, dispelling evil dampness and helping Yang energy, osmanthus is a material that warms Yang and has the effect of eliminating body cold, and the shredded radish in the winter solstice group is also a food that helps body Yang.

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