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What do you eat at the winter solstice? Dongguan people have four treasures

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and "the winter solstice is as big as a year" are said in many parts of the country. People everywhere sweep tombs and worship their ancestors on the winter solstice, and also eat some festival food. In different regions, the food is different. Let the old yellow calendar introduce you the four most common traditional foods in Dongguan, Guangdong Province during the winter solstice.


winter regiment is the so-called northern people eat dumplings, southern people eat dumplings, and Dongguan Shuixiang people eat "winter regiment". In the past, when the winter solstice came, every family in Dongguan had to make a winter tour. With the development of the times, people have more choices. Some traditional snacks are not as popular as in the past, but in many people's homes, winter regiment is still a necessary food for the winter solstice.


fresh winter dumplings taste very good. The surface glutinous rice powder is very soft, and the filling inside is sweet but not greasy. There are two kinds of winter dumplings: sweet and salty. The stuffing of sweet winter dumplings is popcorn, peanut and sugar. Generally, the proportion is one kilogram of popcorn, two kilos of peanut and three kilos of sugar. The fillings of xiandongtuan are eyebrow beans, salt and sugar.


it should be noted that if the stuffing of dongtuan is pounded with a cup, it will be very soft and will not become strong, but if it is the stuffing fried with sugar in a pot, it will soon become strong and not delicious. In addition, the wrapped winter dough should be wrapped with banana leaves, placed in a row, put into the steamer, and then steamed in the pot for about 20 minutes.

salty pills in addition to the winter group, many Dongguan people still have the custom of eating salty pills. Dongguan salty pills are made of glutinous rice flour without stuffing. The soup is usually boiled with shrimp, bacon, chicken, oysters and a small amount of green vegetables. The soup tastes delicious.

salty soup pill is a popular winter solstice food in Putian area, Dongguan. On a cold winter solstice night, boil chicken, ribs, lean meat, oyster black bean, squid, scallop, shrimp and mushroom into a pot of thick soup with full weight. Break the sticky rice strips twisted into fingers into small pieces and put them into the soup pot. When rolling, put them into the shredded cabbage and cook them.


in addition to the winter solstice, salty soup balls will appear on the dining table of Dongguan people in traditional festivals such as Lantern Festival, implying rich harvest and family harmony.


radish dice most Hakka people live in the east of Dongguan. Hakka people make Hakka flavor food radish dice every winter solstice. Although there are various shapes of turnip made in various places, Hakka people in Dongguan mostly love the circle, which means "round and round, happy and happy".


turnip dice can choose glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour or flour. The proportion should be appropriate. Put the flour in the pot until it is eight mature, take it out and enlarge it in a large basin. This is dice head. The next step is to fry the stuffing. The prepared pork, shredded radish, shrimp and other stuffing are fried back and forth. After frying, a bag of diced skin is used and steamed on the prepared banana leaves. It will be completed in 20 minutes.


sweet potato syrup every winter solstice, people in coastal towns of Dongguan will eat sweet potato egg syrup. Sweet potato symbolizes good luck and gradually becomes a custom for good intentions. If you want to cook sweet potatoes beautifully, you also have skills. Before cooking, you can wash them alternately with hot and cold water, which helps to shape when cooking. The sugar water will not be too mushy, and the soup color is more beautiful.

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