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How much do you know about the winter solstice customs in Dongguan

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in Dongguan, Guangdong, people call the winter solstice "doing winter". There is a saying of "doing winter to celebrate the new year". Before and after the winter solstice, every family must be busy preparing seasonal food, and the families running around should hurry home in time for reunion. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the customs of the winter solstice in Dongguan.


a married woman wants to go back to her mother's home "winter worship" in Dongguan means that her married daughter takes her husband's belt back to her mother's home on the winter solstice, takes her own "winter mission", brings some cakes, fruits, pork, chicken, duck, etc., and goes back to visit her parents. The whole family gets together for dinner. It implies that there is a beginning and an end, "from the beginning of the year to the end of the year", which means auspiciousness.


eat together, implying that the family must eat together to reunite Dongguan people during the winter solstice. Because at the end of the year, the wandering children will go home for the winter to prepare for the arrival of the new year, that is, to wait for the Spring Festival, which is the same as having a reunion dinner on the eve of the Spring Festival. The winter solstice dinner means "a good beginning and a good end" and "good luck all year".


men have to have a haircut and women have to wash their hair. There is a custom in some towns and streets of Dongguan Shuixiang film, that is, to have a haircut before the winter solstice. There is a local doggerel in Dongguan: "bear short in winter and rich in years". It means that if you "carry" your hair (i.e. "top your hair") for the winter without repairing your hair, you will not grow tall and will become short. But if you "carry" your hair for the new year, you can be rich.

so people in Dongguan used to have their hair cut before the winter solstice, but they didn't have their hair cut after the winter solstice. They didn't shave until the first month. Women also have the idea of washing their hair before the winter solstice. Recommendation of


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