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What should children pay attention to during the winter solstice

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December 22 is the solar term of the winter solstice. For a period of time before and after, the weather is cold and dry. Many adults can't stand the sudden change of the weather, let alone the elderly and children with relatively poor physique. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you what children pay attention to during the winter solstice.


health experts suggest that parents should supplement more nutrients to keep warm in the cold weather before and after the winter solstice. At the same time, parents should keep children's diet diverse, so that children can be more healthy. It is suggested that parents should supplement more thermogenic nutrients, such as protein, fat and carbohydrates, in the children's diet in the cold weather after the winter solstice, so as to improve the body's tolerance to low temperature. In particular, consider supplementing foods rich in protein, such as lean meat, chicken and duck meat, eggs, fish, milk, beans and their products.


need to be reminded that while supplementing thermogenic nutrients, it is also necessary to pay attention to the diversity of children's diet and the combination of meat and vegetables, so as to ensure children's vigorous metabolism and physical consumption. In the winter solstice, the diet should be diverse, the grain, fruit, meat and vegetables should be matched reasonably, and the high calcium food should be selected appropriately.

at the same time, after the winter solstice, the diet should be light, not thick, greasy and salty food. In winter, Yang Qi declines day by day, and the spleen likes temperature and hates cold. Therefore, it is appropriate to eat warm and hot products to protect the spleen and kidney. Eat a small number of meals. Attention should be paid to "three more and three less", that is, more protein, vitamins and cellulose and less sugar, fat and salt.

in addition, in terms of spiritual rehabilitation, parents should try their best to keep children's spirit open and optimistic. Consciously develop the mind, cultivate a good character and maintain a peaceful attitude. In daily life, parents can help children find the fun of life. Avoid physical fatigue caused by excessive play, and pay attention to strengthening physical exercise at the same time.


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