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What are the four rules of winter solstice diet

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this year's winter solstice is coming, and a good season for diet and health preservation will be opened. Many people focus on eating some high heat foods that help to increase energy, such as beef and mutton. However, according to nutrition experts, winter tonic still needs to pay attention to a balanced diet. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce you to the four rules of winter solstice diet.


, 冬至饮食注意什么,


should have a variety of foods. In winter solstice health preservation, we must pay attention to the balance of diet and ensure the diversification of nutrition. The nourishment of the body needs a variety of nutrition. Therefore, in order to keep healthy in winter solstice, we must ensure the diversification of diet. It is best to match grains, fruits, meat and vegetables reasonably, and it is best to choose some high calcium foods appropriately.


should be light. For health preservation in winter, it is best not to eat too much greasy food, especially the elderly have weak digestive ability, so it is best to keep the list of diet. If you eat too much greasy food, you can avoid indigestion and health conditions. The health preservation requirements of modern nutrition are that the elderly should preferably "three more and three less", protein It is best to take more vitamins and cellulose; Sugar, fat and salt should be guaranteed to be less.


should be eaten warm, ripe and soft. In winter, the elderly's spleen and stomach are weak, Yang is weak, and the spleen likes warm and hates cold. Therefore, we must keep warm when eating, so as to protect our spleen and stomach. Moreover, the elderly's teeth are generally bad. When eating, they like waxy soft and hate cold hard, Therefore, it is best to follow the health preservation principle when eating, ensure the intake of warm, cooked and soft food, and give up cold and hard food.


should be eaten less slowly. For health preservation at the winter solstice, we must pay attention to maintaining a moderate intake of diet. It is best to keep the diet 80% full. Don't eat too full. If it is too full, it will have an adverse impact on the digestive system of the body. When eating, we must ensure that the food is chewed carefully and slowly. It is best to ensure that the food is chewed fully, which is not only good for the spleen and stomach, And it's very good for health.

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