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How to make dumplings in winter solstice

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

eating dumplings on the winter solstice is a traditional custom among Chinese people, especially in the north. In the past, every family made dumplings by themselves. With the better and better living conditions, many people are now used to buying ready-made dumplings directly from the market. However, the older generation still like to make dumplings by themselves. How can we make dumplings on the winter solstice, Let the old yellow calendar introduce you.


it's fun and reassuring to make dumplings by yourself. Now there are all kinds of quick-frozen dumplings in the market. It's convenient to buy and save time, but it's less fun to make dumplings by yourself. And compared with buying ready-made quick-frozen dumplings directly from the market, it's better to pick vegetables and meat in the vegetable market and make them yourself.


can be served with proper amount of meat and more vegetables. Many people like to eat "a bag of meatballs" dumplings. We usually eat a lot of meat, so try to add more vegetables or make vegetarian dumplings. The meat used for stuffing should not be too fat. The principle is to put less meat and more vegetables.

oil is good for health so far. When making dumplings, many people feel that only meat flavor is not enough, so they have to add a lot of oil. We should pay attention to taste and health. We have eaten too much oil, which affects our health, so we should stop.


filter out the water in vegetables, which is equal to losing nutrition. Because there is more water in vegetables, we are afraid that the filling is too thin when using vegetables as filling. We are used to squeezing out the water in vegetables and pouring it out and then mixing the filling, which is equal to pouring out the nutrients.


should be put less salt and more oil. The taste is a little greasy. It's better to add more salt or soy sauce. Naturally, there will be more salt to eat; If you eat more salt, your blood pressure will rise. Therefore, an appropriate amount of oil and less salt.

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