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Are you afraid of the cold at the winter solstice? Eat four kinds of food to improve your cold resistance

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

on December 22, people will usher in the annual winter solstice solar term. We all know that from this day, it has entered the ninth season, which is the coldest time of the year. For those friends who are afraid of the cold, they should not only wear enough clothes, but also don't forget to eat four kinds of foods that help to improve their ability to resist the cold. Then let the old yellow calendar introduce them to you.


vitamin rich food: low temperature will accelerate the metabolism of vitamins in the body, which should be supplemented in time. For example, vitamin A can enhance the cold resistance of human body; B vitamins are conducive to normal metabolism; Vitamin C can improve the adaptability of human body to cold; Vitamin E can make blood circulation smooth and adjust the hormone balance in the body. Therefore, the diet can increase animal liver, carrots, pumpkins, coarse grains, dark green vegetables, fruits, nuts, marine fish, bean products and other vitamin rich foods.


protein rich foods: experts say that some foods can stimulate heat production more than others. For example, high protein foods can enhance food intake and heat production more than foods containing starch or fat, so they are more warm. Protein rich dishes are like fuel added to a stove, which can make people feel warm. But choose low-fat protein, such as fish, poultry and lean meat, or add some vegetable protein powder to soup or oatmeal to avoid excessive fat and calories.

iodine rich food: iodine is an important raw material for the synthesis of thyroxine. Thyroxine can promote the conversion of protein, carbohydrate and fat into energy, so as to generate heat and resist the cold. Therefore, you can eat more iodine rich foods such as kelp, laver, jellyfish and shells. In addition, foods rich in amino acids such as black sesame, sunflower seeds, dairy products and leafy vegetables also help to improve the ability of the human body to resist the cold.

mineral rich food: fear of cold is related to the lack of minerals in the diet. Minerals such as magnesium, zinc and iron are indispensable for human heat production. Rhizome vegetables contain a lot of minerals, such as carrots, taros, green vegetables, lotus roots, potatoes, etc. they can be eaten together with meat to keep out the cold. In addition, iron is an important raw material for hematopoiesis. Women who are afraid of cold should eat more iron rich foods, such as beef, fish, eggs, black fungus, jujube, etc., which can improve their resistance to cold.

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