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How many kinds of winter solstice food have you eaten in Jinhua, Zhejiang

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is the annual winter solstice solar term. Many places in China have seasonal food for the occasion, such as dumplings, mutton, glutinous rice balls, etc. in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, people have several traditional delicacies during the winter solstice, so let the old yellow calendar introduce them to you.


sugar rice cakes basically contract the desserts of Jinhua people in winter. The freshly made rice cakes are hot and soft. They are eaten directly with white sugar. They are soft and glutinous. It can also be sliced and fried with Yiwu brown sugar. It not only tastes sweet and delicious, but also rich in nutrition. The red sugar juice doesn't want to waste at all. It often adds a very clean bowl. However, it should be noted that eating more rice cakes is bad for the stomach, and friends who like to eat should also be moderate.

local dumplings Jinhua people like to eat salty dumplings. They make this simple and nutritious snack with winter bamboo shoots and dried tofu as stuffing. Jinhua people's unique dumplings. A porcelain bowl is filled with Jinhua earth dumplings with white, round and pointed ends, dotted with green onions on the top and soup made of soy sauce and lard below. It is steaming and fragrant.

why does Jinhua's glutinous rice balls have a small tail? In order to distinguish between salty and sweet, a tail was added to the salty dumplings. Of course, some people say that one more tail means more than every year, good luck.


turnip meatballs are dishes that Jinhua housewives must learn, because they are basically the protagonists on Jinhua's dinner table. Radish is the essence of Jinhua meatballs. Cut it into small pieces, boil it in boiling water, drain it and let it cool. Dice the meat, add a little raw soy sauce and marinate for a while. Mix the meat and radish, add the seasoning, control the saltiness, add a little starch, then pinch them round one by one, steam them in a steamer with lotus leaves, and then you can eat them.


new year rice wine. After the temperature drops in winter, the old Jin Chinese often pickle all kinds of cured meat, such as sausage and pickled duck. Some families also pickle some salted fish. In addition to preserved meat, Laojin Chinese will also brew a jar of fragrant rice wine with Hongqu, which can also be drunk during the Spring Festival. It is said that the wine brewed on the winter solstice tastes very good and is easy to preserve.

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