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What do you eat in Wuxi during the winter solstice

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tomorrow is the annual winter solstice solar term. In Wuxi, there is a saying that "people increase one year after the winter solstice", commonly known as adding years, so people attach great importance to this day. What do Wuxi people eat during the winter solstice? Let the old yellow calendar introduce it to you.


dumplings eat wonton in summer solstice and dumplings in winter solstice. Tuanzi means the auspicious implication of "Tuan Tuan Yuan Yuan". Nowadays, although Xicheng has many food cities, supermarkets and pastry shops for dumplings, and there are all kinds of dumplings with filling hearts, many families with elderly people still prefer to "wrap dumplings" by themselves. Sesame, bean paste, fresh meat, shepherd's purse and carrots can be added to all kinds of dumplings. It is not difficult to see the importance Wuxi people attach to the winter solstice.


winter solstice wine, winter solstice evening rice, farmers eat their own winter wine. They are made of herbs and glutinous rice. There are many varieties, such as sweet scented osmanthus wine, three Baijiu, Du Maochai and leibi. There is a folk custom of sending cold clothes to the dead at the winter solstice. On this day, after the memorial ceremony, the cold clothes made of paper were incinerated for the dead to "keep out the cold". This sacrificial banquet is commonly known as "winter solstice wine". After the sacrifice, relatives and friends gathered to drink, not only remembering the dead, but also connecting feelings.


New Year cakes Wuxi people also have the custom of steaming New Year cakes. Each family steams New Year cakes for ancestor worship during the new year, and the New Year cakes also have the meaning of rising year by year, so everyone will prepare carefully and try to feel at ease.

herring is one step closer to the Chinese new year as soon as the winter solstice arrives, which is also in the market period of manna herring, so it is naturally an indispensable delicacy on the table. Herring meat is thick, fresh and tender. No matter what you do, it is the expectation of the food for the winter.

Yuanbao rice. Some soybeans should be put in the rice on the winter solstice night, which is called Yuanbao rice. Parents put two cooked water chestnuts into their rice bowls first, and then serve them with rice. When eating, they dig out the water chestnuts from the rice with chopsticks, which is called "digging Yuanbao". The family laughed and had fun.

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